The Only Automated ID Authentication Device Out of the Box

All in One Device for ID Scanning & Authentication

InfinitID® offers the first all in one identity document authentication device, with a built in mini PC, combining hardware and software that does not require any software implementation, integration, terminal hardware or operational training.

Operators can easily follow instructions on the box to scan an ID to receive a Green Light or Red Light for the pass/fail indication of a document’s authenticity. An optional yellow flashing light will indicate valid but expired IDs and a white light will indicate unsupported or unknown document types.

How It Works


Simply Open the Box


Provide Electrical Power & Ethernet Connection


Device Runs in Self-Contained Mode

Use Cases

Catch Fake & Expired IDs

Age Verification

Meet KYC & AML

Regulated Retail Environments

Financial Institutions

Auto Rental & More


  • Conduct higher quality fraud prevention in less time at more locations
  • Makes it easy to meet regulations such as KYC, AML & more
  • Provide a better customer experience & increase satisfaction with less wait time
  • Obtain fewer unclassified IDs, false positives & false negatives
  • Minimal support & training needed, significantly reduces user error
  • Durable with strong housing & rugged glass for a longer life
  • Faster performance (approximately 10% faster)
  • Capability for all document types globally, not just driver's license size

Easy to Deploy & Scale


User Friendly & Secure


Minimal Support Required

Penta Scanner

High Performance PENTA Scanner® for Easy ID Authentication

  • Creates high resolution images under 3 different light sources: visible, infrared & UV light
  • Built in ICAO document reader capable of reading & decoding OCR data from passports, ID cards & driver's licenses
  • Integrated Windows PC running Acuant AssureID™ Authentication Software locally
  • Customizable branding & coloring options


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