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Protect your Assets, Prevent Fraud & Improve Customer Service

Upgrading customer experiences by leveraging technology is not only important to create customer loyalty and be competitive, but also to protect your assets and manage risk. Acuant streamlines operations while providing instant security against fraud. Quickly and accurately collect authenticated data to meet compliance requirements, speed up customer workflows and get faster approvals. Acuant solutions enable instant ID verification and data capture in one simple step that takes seconds and can be executed with a desktop scanner, self-service kiosk, online or via mobile devices. This allows for better experiences and more security when it comes to rental cars (check in & out), buying a car (test drives & loans), using a ride sharing app (users & drivers) and fleet management.


  • Rising Identity Fraud & Auto Theft
  • Hard to Meet Compliance Needs
  • Poor Personnel Training for Manual Review
  • Long Wait Times/Lines
  • Outdated Technology/Bad Experience
  • Over Budget Staffing Needs
  • Complicated Workflows


  • Automate Technology to Accurately Populate CRM/DMS Systems in Seconds & Store Customer Records & Images Safely without Photocopying
  • Instantly Authenticate IDs & Minimize Risk: Eliminate Damage Disputes, Reduce Auto Theft & Identity Fraud
  • Allow Mobile & Remote Transactions for Person & Card Not Present- Easily Facilitate Facial Recognition Match Performed by a Trusted Partner
  • Create Trusted Peer-to-Peer/Ride Sharing Community & Enable Instant Employee Verification for Car Ride/Taxi Services
  • Decrease Wait Times for Car Rentals & Test Drives at High Volume Locations



Car Sharing/Ride Sharing


Dealership CRM/DMS Systems


Rentals & Fleet Management


High Volume Location ID Checks


Loan Approvals
& Financing



Automotive Partners

To be able to verify that a license is real and that the person holding the phone belongs to that license is critical. So working with Acuant, we have verification of that actual ID and the selfie scan is the fact check that assures us we have the right person."

Matt Moddelmog
Director of Product, Clutch Technologies

Clutch is the leading software platform for automotive subscription and dealer mobility


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