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Meet Global Regulations & Streamline Onboarding with Instant Verification

Combat Fraud & Meet Regulations to Protect Your Business & Customers


While the world of cryptocurrency and its regulation continues to evolve, you can count on our automated onboarding solutions to remain compliant, reduce fraud and ensure your customers are using your services as soon as possible.  


Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform makes Identity Verification easy and cost effective while providing an impressive customer experience, anywhere in the world. 


One thing you can count on in the world of crypto compliance and regulation is how unpredictable it is. Anti-money laundering regulations are rapidly evolving and businesses dealing in crypto assets must be prepared to move swiftly, adopt new standards and protect their business from regulatory scrutiny; as crypto regulations change, so too do the checks necessary to remain compliant and profitable. 


Acuant’s automated solutions can help currency exchanges and custodian wallet providers perform customer due diligence, identify high-risk customers, monitor transactions and remain AML compliant. 



  • Identity Fraud/Theft
  • Evolving Regulations
  • Money Laundering
  • Data Privacy
  • Secure Platforms
  • Complicated & Costly Workflows
  • False Negatives/Positives


  • Optimize Workflows & Save Time by Eliminating Manual Data Entry Errors & Photocopies of IDs
  • Instantly Prevent Fraud & Deter Criminal Transactions with ID Verification
  • Save Time by Eliminating Manual Reviews
  • Instantly Prevent Fraud & Deter Criminal Transactions
  • Automate SAR Filing Processes
  • Easily Meet Regulations: KYC, AML & GDPR
  • Support Responsible Trading With Red Flag Alerts

The Power of Acuant + Chainalysis


The cryptocurrency landscape continues to rapidly evolve. Organizations and financial institutions of all sizes must determine how to capitalize on the benefits that blockchain presents, while also deterring illicit activity, safeguarding reputations, ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies, increasing efficiency and minimizing risk.


To help solve these complexities and simplify crypto risk management, Acuant has partnered with Chainalysis, a global leader in blockchain analysis. Our combined offering provides a complete, integrated suite of tools to streamline workflows and provide seamless visibility into hidden fiat and crypto risks – ensuring that your team has a proven, purpose-built foundation in place to safely engage with cryptocurrency and quickly flag any questionable transactions.



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Working with [Acuant] has enabled us to implement a game-changing process. In a matter of seconds, we perform the appropriate KYC check to verify name, date of birth and address. At the same time, we’re also able to perform additional AML checks such as PEPs & Sanctions. This is all done via one API which makes it a perfect partnership for me and my team."

Obner Mozarino
Director - FastCoin Express


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