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Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform makes Identity Verification easy and cost effective while providing an impressive customer experience, no matter where your customer chooses to transact: in branch, self-service kiosks, online or via mobile apps. We work with industry leaders in finance to provide top tier solutions that allow you to succeed in this environment of increasing fraud, regulation and competition.


We automate Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, including Video KYC, which are often manual and time consuming, to quickly identify good customers versus the bad actors you want to avoid.


  • Identity Fraud/Theft
  • Synthetic Fraud
  • Complicated Onboarding
  • Expensive Compliance Processes
  • Long Transaction Times
  • High Risk Transactions
  • Poor User/Channel Experience
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Compliance


  • Instantly Verify IDs to Prevent Fraud due to Identity Theft, Fraudulent IDs, Account Takeovers & Image Spoofing
  • Automate to Speed Up New Account Onboarding, Loan Origination & Credit Applications by Eliminating Manual Entry & Paperwork
  • Engage Fast Multi-Factor Authentication for More Security & Less Friction
  • Provide Seamless & Secure Omnichannel Experiences for your Customers to be Competitive in the Digital Economy
  • Efficiently Meet Compliance Regulations (AML/KYC, 6AMLD, CIP, PSD2, Patriot Act) & Safely Store Customer PII Data to Protect your Business & your Customers
  • Conduct Trusted Transactions for Wire Transfers, Money Remittance, Mobile Deposit Authorizations & Credit Card Payments
  • Verify User IDs & Validate Identity for Mobile Trading Apps (Stocks, Commodity, Binary) & Prior to Approving Increased Buy/Sell Limits

A Guide to Identity Verification for FinTechs


The financial industry has seen rapid changes and digital transformation. While the move in this direction was happening in the years prior, adoption was furthered along by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020—an unprecedented number of consumers were pushed online, with many using apps to manage their financial lives. In fact, in the US it’s estimated that 9 in 10 individuals are using some form of a FinTech app to manage their finances. And with the evolving digital-first landscape, the impact of FinTech is significant for consumers and businesses alike.


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Acuant was the perfect partner for us to enable strong security and meet regulations with minimal friction to users."

Nikolay Rozhok
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