Prevent Fraud, Patient Mismanagement & Costly Errors

Automate Data Capture of IDs & Medical Insurance Cards

Our Trusted Identity Platform provides patented technology to solve real problems such as patient management and access, protecting the most vulnerable, safety of the public health and properly dispensing controlled substances.


Acuant MedicScan® is a software that provides automated data and image intake of IDs and medical insurance cards to speed up registration and prevent costly errors. Simply scan IDs and insurance cards to directly auto-populate your PMS/EMR/EHR application in seconds.


Acuant also offers identity verification in the same step to instantly catch fake IDs. MedicScan offers clear ROI by starting with clean and valid data to prevent healthcare fraud, patient mismanagement and costly claim form errors. Acuant also provides pleasant and modern patient experiences deployable in or out of an office via desktop scanners, self-service kiosks, mobile devices and apps.

Acuant Health

Hundreds of hospitals, clinical labs, specialty care centers, pharmacies, medical and dental practices, mental health providers and agencies rely on our software and hardware each and every day. Acuant Health addresses the growing issues of identity management in the industry, and more urgently how we are enabling partners to aid in the Covid-19 crisis.


We have developed a set of easy to use tools and APIs, along with partner initiatives, that have Device and ID Authentication with Facial Recognition and Location Tracking. These tools enable government agencies and employers to facilitate a safe return to work and community life. Solutions are fully customizable for workflows and branding. Inquire here.


  • Identity & Healthcare Fraud
  • Rejected Claims
  • Hard to Meet Compliance Needs
  • Poor Personnel Training & Staffing
  • Long Wait Times/Lines
  • Patient Misidentification
  • Outdated Technology/Bad Experience
  • Complicated & Costly Workflows


  • Automate to Reduce Operating Costs: Patient Registration, Front Desk, Kiosk, Online Portal & Mobile Apps
  • Accelerate Revenue Cycle from First Patient Engagement by Obtaining Accurate Data, Leading to Fewer Claim Rejections & Improvement in Health Information Data Sharing
  • Engage Quick & Seamless Multi-Factor Authentication for More Security
  • Easily Integrate with your EMR/PMS/EHR systems (TWAIN Scanners & Mobile Devices)
  • Ensure Secure, Accurate & Consistent PHI Across Systems While Meeting Regulations and Protecting Patient Data (PII)
  • Provide Positive Patient Experiences to Increase Satisfaction & Loyalty



Hospitals, Emergency
& Ambulatory Care


& Walk-In Clinics


Private Practices
& Hospices


& Testing Facilities


Stand Alone
& In Store Pharmacies


& Telehealth Practices

Healthcare Partners

From day one, Acuant was very receptive. They took some risks with us early on, and believed in us. They are perfectly aligned with where the market is going. Their new validation services are very smart, and implementing their mobile solutions will be a game changer for the healthcare market. We’re very fortunate to have Acuant as a partner and we look forward to many more years of success."

Brian Stone
CFO, Clearwave

Clearwave is a digital patient self-service engagement platform that allows patient check-in with real-time insurance eligibility check


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