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Instant Identity Verification for Guest, Visitor, Employee & Security Management

Mitigate Risk & Enhance Your Customer Experience


Businesses specializing in Hospitality and Entertainment must provide exceptional customer service from the start. With transactions becoming increasingly digital, companies that fail to adapt and embrace new technology risk being overtaken by their rivals. Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform makes onboarding, check-in, loyalty program registration and identity verification easy and cost effective. We provide an impressive customer experience for all channels: on premise/front desk, online, mobile/apps and self-service kiosks. 


When it comes to Hospitality, Acuant partners with leading hotel industry technology providers for seamless integration into CRM, CMS and PMS hotel management systems to extract, auto-populate and verify data in seconds. Solutions are designed to safeguard personal data (PII), protect businesses in regulated environments and provide the least amount of friction to customers. 



  • Identity Fraud/Theft
  • Booking Abandonment
  • Challenging Regulations
  • Poor Personnel Training & Security
  • Long Wait Times/Lines
  • Complicated & Costly Workflows
  • Human Trafficking


  • Optimize Workflows & Save Time by Eliminating Manual Data Entry Errors & Photocopies of IDs
  • Instantly Prevent Fraud & Deter Criminal Transactions with ID Verification
  • Easily Meet Regulations: KYC, AML, GDPR, Red Flag & Responsible Gaming
  • Improve Guest Check-In, Customer Data Management & Loyalty Program Sign Ups by Decreasing Wait Times, Paperwork & Providing Superior Experiences
  • Securely Enable Digital/Mobile Check-In & Key Cards
  • Decrease Booking Abandonment Rates with Automation
  • Process High Volumes of ID's quickly & Identify VIP's with Ease


Know Your Guest


Age Restricted Venues


Hotel Check-In & Processes


High Volume Arenas/VIP & Restricted Access


Homeshares/Lodging for Renters & Applicants


Loyalty & Rewards Program Enrollment

Hospitality Partners

At Airside, we stand by our motto ‘Privacy First. Human Always.’ and work with partners who believe that those fundamentals make the biggest impact. Our technology is open and inter-operable and it’s been easy to integrate with Acuant’s state-of-the-art technology, which speaks to their more than 20 years of expertise ensuring that secure digital identity is accessible to all."

Amena Ali
CEO, Airside


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