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Identity Verification Technology for Physical & Digital Security

Easily Integrate ID Verification for Security of Physical & Digital Assets

All businesses should employ safeguards in today’s digital economy. Rising identity theft, continued security threats and the sophistication of fraudulent ID’s globally make security of the utmost importance in every transactional environment. This is especially important in data-sensitive, government classified and educational institutions.
Acuant provides solutions that address various levels of risk and seamlessly integrate into visitor and access management platforms: identify and process visitors, employees, students and other persons efficiently while capturing detailed information and images from IDs. Deploy Acuant technology seamlessly and on any channel with front desk personnel, mobile devices and self-service kiosks.


  • Identity Fraud
  • Unsecure Perimeters
  • Hard to Meet Compliance Needs
  • Poor Personnel Training for Manual Review
  • Long Wait Times/Lines
  • Outdated KBA
  • Insecure Passwords
  • Complicated Workflows


  • Instantly Validate Identities, Engage Quick & Easy Multi-Factor Authentication for Seamless Security
  • Quickly & Accurately Extract Both Data & Images from IDs for Easy Integration Into DMS/CMS
  • Create & Access Lists, Visitor Logs & More - Create & Run Searches Against Custom or Established Watch Lists such as Interpol, OFAC, National Sex Offender & More
  • Optimize Visitor Management & Security Processes with the Ability to Implement Self-Service Registration Kiosks & Mobile Technologies for Registration & Access Management
  • Ensure Only Valid Persons are Granted Digital/Physical Access to Facilities, Networks & Assets

Synthetic Identity Fraud: A Costly Challenge

Real-life scammers continue to come up with creative ways to commit crimes, notably in the financial services arena. This is especially true with schemes like synthetic identity fraud where identities are built with a number of different identity components.


While both are typically used for financial gain, identity theft and synthetic identities differ in the actual utilization of the stolen personally identifiable information (PII). Unlike traditional identity theft where a fraudster uses only a specific individual’s stolen—yet real—information, synthetic identities are created by fraudsters using elements of both real and fictitious PII. This “identity” is then used to obtain a loan or large credit line, but it’s never paid back.


Download the eBook – Synthetic Identity Fraud: A Costly Challenge to learn more.



Visitor Management for Business &
Residential Spaces


Physical Access Control for Educational Institutions:
Pre-K thru University


Critical Infrastructure Screening
& High Risk Environments


Digital Access Control, Registration, Log Books
& Pre-Enrollment

IAM & Security Partners

Companies across all industries have begun to place greater importance on security, so we needed to provide the highest level of identity verification while maintaining an exceptional customer experience. We were immediately impressed with the quality of the product. The fact that it can instantly detect counterfeit and expired licenses was the key selling point for us."

Dino Pagliarello
VP of Product Management & Planning, Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a leading technology company that manufactures business and industrial imaging products


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