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Maximize Conversions, Prevent Fraud & Improve Customer Experiences

Instant Identity Verification for Today's Digital Economy


By 2020, retail chargebacks caused by fraud are estimated to reach $31 billion with ecommerce fraud accounting for 65% of all fraud value. Additionally, rising synthetic ID fraud is affecting both the payments industry and consumers. The Federal Reserve recently identified the trend as the fastest growing type of financial crime in the US representing 85% of all identity fraud, and accounting for 80% of all credit card fraud losses, and nearly one-fifth of credit card charge-offs.


Beyond managing risk, retailers must stay competitive by offering superior customer experiences with the latest technology for everything from fast checkouts and loyalty signups to security and data protection (PII). Acuant’s trusted Identity Platform speeds up, simplifies and strengthens processes for in store or digital transactions via cloud, mobile/apps, kiosk & desktop scanners. In addition, retailers can catch fraud and verify age for regulated services and products via instant ID verification and facial recognition- all in seconds.


  • Identity Fraud/Theft/Spoofing
  • Increased Abandonment Rates
  • Costly Compliance Needs
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Synthetic Fraud
  • Outdated Technology/Bad Experience
  • Over Budget Staffing Needs
  • Complicated Workflows


  • Increase Customer Conversions while Decreasing Abandonment Rates by Streamlining Onboarding, Check Out & Verification Processes
  • Automate Workflows to Eliminate Manual Entry & Paperwork Providing Maximum Efficiency & Security
  • Instantly Reduce Fraud & Underage Transactions, Meet Compliance Needs (COPPA, etc.)
  • Quickly Verify Customers for Initial & Ongoing Transactions Via ID Scans & Biometric Facial Recognition Match
  • Enhance Customer Experiences on all Channels: In Store, Online & Mobile/Apps



Regulated Goods & Services: Alcohol, Cannabis, Vape, etc.


High Risk/High Value Transactions


Merchandise Pick-up, Delivery
& Shipping


Verify Personnel for On Demand Services


Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Retail Partners

We are committed to providing a safe environment and an outstanding user experience for our customers. Acuant, a trusted market leader in identity authentication, helps us build a community of trust with our customers as we launch our platform throughout North America."

Arvin Bhangu
CEO, Boro

Boro is a peer-to-peer sharing platform that enables users to rent power tools and other popular home items from peers in local communities throughout North America

Acuant is now a GBG cmpany Acuant is now a GBG company


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