Omnichannel Solutions:
Trust on Demand

Acuant’s platform integrates into any environment. Omnichannel solutions are developer friendly and backed by our world-class support to get you up and running. Available to you via one API, leverage analytics, machine learning, biometrics and our third-party eco-system to verify and risk score identities.


Acuant works everywhere you need it to establish trust. We support all OS and devices for in person and remote transactions. Access a free trial of our SDK HERE.

Seamless & Secure Integration



Leverage the Acuant Platform online


  • Frequent software updates
  • High throughout, low latency
  • High availability around the world
  • Payload, transport, public + private key encryption



Leverage the Acuant Platform at physical locations


  • Maintain full control of communications
  • Seamless integration into 3rd party applications
  • Works offline/no internet



Access the platform through one standard-based API – access it all or just what you need


  • Developer documentation
  • All platform services
  • Payload, transport, public + private key encryption



Use the SDK to create mobile apps and interfaces that integrate with the Acuant platform


  • Seamlessly integrates iOS, Android, Windows (7,8,10), HTML5, CSS & Java Script
  • Tokenization
  • Payload, transport, public + private key encryption

No Code Options to Be Up & Running

Acuant®GO KYC allows you customize and integrate KYC through drag and drop interface, no coding required. Be up and running in a few hours. Deploy a powerful KYC solution with only a few lines of code to meet mandatory regulatory compliance requirements and secure your business. GO KYC is highly customizable to match your process and website. Book time here to learn more.

Acuant Certifications

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