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Microsoft and Acuant have teamed up to redefine identity verification and verifiable credentials for Microsoft’s latest Azure Active Directory. This open standards approach allows you to verify a wide variety of attributes based on your requirements, such as identity documents, biometrics and identity data. Individuals gain more control over their information deciding when and how to share their credential. Institutions and businesses can accelerate onboarding of users, secure access to apps and enable a more trustworthy credential recovery experience: issue, request and verify credentials.


Identity verification with Azure AD means that once verified, these credentials can be used to prove an identity across different organizations. Microsoft Authenticator creates and stores a credential that can be used with third parties. Imagine a digital wallet, it’s as simple as that- My Digital ID from Acuant.

How it Works: Mobile or Desktop

Download the Microsoft Authenticator App
Capture the Front & Back of Your ID
Take a Selfie
Success! Access My Digital ID by Acuant in Your Wallet

Provide single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and conditional access to help protect your users from 99.9% of cybersecurity attacks. Automatically create and manage user identities in your cloud (SaaS) apps and access provisioning with cloud-based human resources (HR) applications.

Fast & Secure Remote



Rapidly onboard users with a universal platform for verifying employment eligibility and digital identification.

Self Service Enrollment

& Account Recovery


Go passwordless, replace usernames and KBA authentication with a more secure process for verifying identity during enrollment or account recovery.

Secure Access

to Apps


Users can store and present a verified credential when attempting to access resources that require identity verification based on customized policies.


Easy User Experience: Low friction workflow to give users the ability store & present verifiable credentials in Microsoft Authenticator

Multi-Factor Authentication: Document verification, facial recognition match with liveness test, PII data verification & more

Scalable & Flexible: Verify any type of data for a person or business in a secure, compliant & scalable manner

Built on Open Standards: Provide greater transparency & easy integration with identity verification partners

Largest Document Library: 6,000+ documents is continuously updated for the best coverage and highest accuracy

We give you the best results.

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Over 8 Billion on premise identity checks annually


Completed over 1 Billion SaaS transactions


Over 400 Million Digital Identities created


Completed over 1.5 million installations

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