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Fraudsters are winning today. They are increasingly sophisticated and adept at pouncing on new vulnerabilities introduced by the digital economy and “gaps” in security processes. Criminals use gaps to take advantage.


  • The gap between the physical and the digital world when it comes to IDs and identity.
  • The gap between businesses and law enforcement when it comes to information sharing.
  • The gap between geographies and borders to eliminate criminal history.
  • The gap between verifying identity and trusting the person when it comes to solutions and standards?

What is being done to address these gaps? Join industry experts as they share insights on closing the information sharing gap between government and businesses, private and public sectors.
Here from leaders from Association of Document Validation Professionals (ADVP) and Document Security Alliance (DSA) on key trends and concerns in identity document standards, forgery and bridging the gap between physical and digital IDs.


  • Tony Machin: CEO, TrustID & previous Chairman ADVP
  • Tony Poole: President, Document Security Alliance


  • Alan Gooden, ADVP Liaison Officer, Retired Detective Superintendent City of London Police
  • Elizabeth Gil: Forensic Document Examiner, Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Laboratory

Hosted by:

  • Jose Caldera: Chief Product Officer, Acuant

Join us for a discussion on Minding the Trust Gap!

February 24th from 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT

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