Acuant and ProMax Partner to Improve CRM for Auto Dealerships

Acuant and ProMax Partner to Improve CRM for Auto Dealerships


Solution for Mobile Information Capture Technology Reduces Customer Wait Time, Streamlines Auto Sales Process

Los Angeles, CA, September 15, 2015 – Acuant, the leading provider of credential management solutions, launched a mobile version of its popular idScan® software to ProMax Unlimited’s network of more than 2,000 auto dealerships throughout the U.S. The solution builds on a longstanding partnership with ProMax Unlimited and integrates into the company’s mobile CRM platform. Acuant’s idScan has already been deployed at dozens of dealerships throughout the U.S., providing enhanced mobile access to dealer CRM systems and enabling them to track all activity and stay connected to their customers from anywhere, at any time.

Acuant’s idScan enables auto dealerships to scan the driver’s license of a prospective customer from a smartphone and auto populate the extracted customer data, including an image and headshot, into the dealership’s CRM system. The ID scanning solution can also authenticate and verify a customer’s credentials with third party systems to identify counterfeit IDs and reduce fraud and also help meet regulatory and compliance issues.

“Before we adopted idScan, we were losing sales due to the inability to follow up on customer leads. By leveraging idScan with our CRM system, the sales process is significantly streamlined and the sales consultants are now able to easily capture customer information for follow up,” said Eric Koren, General Manager of Cronin Ford, based in Harrison, Ohio. “With the introduction of idScan on mobile devices, we envision an even greater customer buying experience by allowing our sales staff to spend more time with the customer on the floor.”

“We are excited to partner with Acuant to offer dealerships an industry-leading mobile information capture technology that will allow dealers to stay in touch with their prospective customers throughout the automotive sales process,” said Shane Born, COO of ProMax Unlimited. “In today’s technology-driven world, the mobile customer experience has become a necessary advantage in the process.”

“The automotive sales process is undergoing a significant digital transformation on the part of customers and dealers when it comes to acquiring new customers and delivering service,” said Yossi Zekri, President and CEO of Acuant. “We are excited to provide a solution that improves the sales process, reduces repetitive paperwork and helps dealers deliver the highest quality customer experience.”

About ProMax Unlimited

Dealer Marketing Services, Inc. was formed in 1994 by John Palmer. In August of 1995, ProMax was introduced as a Special Finance software solution. In 1998, the software was expanded to handle all types of desking including new and used vehicle leasing, CRM, finance menus, inventory management, reports, and credit application submissions to lenders. In 2002, ProMax was introduced as the industry’s first Internet-based full front end solution and today is used by over 2,000 automotive dealerships. The ProMax Unlimited internet application integrates with dealership DMS systems and can be used effectively in large dealer group situations as well as single location dealerships. Dealer Marketing Services, Inc. also provides credit bureaus, website development and hosting, internet leads, and direct mail services to help dealerships increase traffic. Learn more about ProMax Unlimited and Dealer Marketing Services, Inc. at

About Acuant

Acuant’s award-winning and patented credential management solutions automate the intake, processing and verification of unstructured data from ID documents. Leveraging virtually any device, the company’s solutions transform this data into useful and insightful information – whether in the cloud or locally – which is used in critical business applications.


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