Acuant Improves Updates to Industry’s Largest Identity Document Library and Enhances Image Spoofing Detection

Acuant Improves Updates to Industry’s Largest Identity Document Library and Enhances Image Spoofing Detection

With More than 1 Billion Trusted Transactions Worldwide, Acuant Continues to Lead in Identity Proofing

Los Angeles, CA, June 28, 2017Acuant, a leading provider of data capture and identity verification software globally, today announced significant enhancements to its AssureID™ and mobile products, including faster updates to the industry’s largest identity document library and new image tampering detection technology. In response to customer demand, Acuant has also added an optional data storage feature and introduced support for Xamarin SDK, as well as, MySQL.

AssureID now provides a more efficient process for customers to access Acuant’s industry leading identity document library which is continuously updated with the latest version of IDs. As a result, customers utilizing Acuant’s library via local and cloud solutions do not have to wait for updates when new IDs, such a state driver’s license, are introduced. Previously the installation of new software meant a lengthy testing cycle for businesses, especially if frequent software updates were required. AssureID has now separated the document library from the software installation making it as easy as uploading a new file to be up to date. This enhancement allows customer facing web sites and mobile apps to maintain the highest stability and availability.

Acuant is also addressing the growing problem of image spoofing. Fraudsters are using tampered images for biometric facial recognition processes where digital images are used for verification of insurance, licensing, or proof of identity in consumer-not-present transactions. Acuant FRM’s new photo tampering detection technology will not approve illegitimate images, allowing for more valid transactions and preventing fraud.

“In today’s market, transaction delays mean losing customers,” said Yossi Zekri, CEO of Acuant. “We are constantly working to improve the speed and accuracy of our identity proofing solutions to allow for a frictionless experience while offering the highest level of authentication to protect against fraudulent transactions.”

Beyond easy integration, Acuant provides multiple deployment options to match any company’s specific needs and use cases.  Recent additions include extending product support to include a Xamarin SDK for mobile solutions. This allows companies to deliver native iOS, Android and Windows applications using existing skills, teams and code. Acuant’s AssureID Connect has also extended its support to MySQL and AWS Aurora databases for companies, providing an on premise deployment choice that is flexible and cost effective.

Additionally, Acuant has recognized the need and request from businesses to safely and securely store customer data without introducing a threat to Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This is accomplished via Acuant’s proprietary data encryption, which is optional to customers, and allows for future use of customer data.

To learn more about Acuant and how to choose leading identity verification solutions, read their white paper: Beyond Machine Learning.


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Acuant Inc. is a global technology company that provides comprehensive Identity Verification solutions responding to various levels of risk and assurance requirements. Utilizing patented technology Acuant transforms data intake into a business-enhancing proposition while instantly reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

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