Acuant Partners with Leading Automotive Software Solutions Provider TSD

Acuant Partners with Leading Automotive Software Solutions Provider TSD

LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Acuant, the leading provider of intelligent data capture and authentication solutions, has partnered with TSD, which provides cutting-edge fleet management software for vehicle rental companies, dealerships, OEMs and businesses that require fleet management tracking tools. Through this partnership, Acuant serves the automotive industry by providing a solution that optimizes the workflow process and increases customer satisfaction by automating data intake and cutting down on the amount of time employees spend on each transaction.

Acuant’s idScan® Go solution is designed to gather data from scanned IDs on any mobile device and auto-populate the information into company forms digitally on their own customer management systems. Acuant’s solution protects company assets by verifying licenses from all 50 states as well as government issued ID’s from over 100 countries and all passports for authenticity, and decreases compliance issues by eliminating the need for agencies to photocopy IDs. Acuant’s data capture solution was chosen by TSD in an effort to optimize workflow at car rental companies. The counter agent is able to scan a license and instantly gather the data which will auto-populate this information into the TSD agreement.

“We are confident that our partnership with Acuant will help car rental companies improve CSI through faster, more convenient and more efficient service,” says Shawn Concannon, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Operations at TSD.” With the integration between TSD and Acuant, car rental companies are able to eliminate manual data collection and improve speed and customer service through automation.

A leading national car rental company recently implemented Acuant’s technology in an international airport that serves over 70 million passengers a year. After the company started using Acuant, they found customer processing times had decreased by two minutes, with the average car rental transaction time being less than seven minutes. Customers and staff alike are delighted with the service.

“The automotive industry is becoming increasingly digital in an effort to provide faster, more pleasing customer service,” saidYossi Zekri, CEO of Acuant. “Our partnership with TSD will streamline the vehicle rental process and provides a cost efficient, revenue enhancing solution.”

About TSD

Founded in 1983, TSD designs, develops and delivers cutting-edge fleet management software solutions to help our clients manage their rental and loaner car fleets. TSD has become the industry’s leading SaaS Company and a global leader in providing technology and solutions for companies servicing the temporary transportation market including vehicle rental companies, dealerships and OEMs. With more than 250 years of combined fleet management experience, TSD is driving the automotive industry.

About Acuant

Acuant’s patented intelligent data capture, advanced document authentication and identity verification technologies provide a comprehensive suite of solutions. Utilizing proprietary technology and the industry’s largest document library, Acuant verifies identity credentials issued from over 100 countries and transforms data into useful and insightful information to optimize company workflows.

A multi-platform solution, Acuant empowers businesses globally giving them the freedom to work on any device, in the cloud or locally. Acuant solutions easily integrate into any environment; customers include start-ups, Fortune 500 and FTSE 350 organizations in the financial services, healthcare, automotive, hospitality and security sectors.

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