Acuant Selected by SinoVision to Bring Identity Verification to its Artificial Intelligence Security Platform

Acuant Selected by SinoVision to Bring Identity Verification to its Artificial Intelligence Security Platform

Acuant, a leading global provider of identity verification solutions, today announced that SinoVision is using Acuant AssureID™ to provide seamless and secure access control for commercial and government entities. SinoVision’s Ultimo Platform is a visitor management and security collaboration system that uses facial recognition and AI to control access to restricted areas. With Acuant, organizations can quickly and accurately identify fraudulent IDs and deny entry, while authenticating and verifying valid IDs with a frictionless user experience.

“Our clients in industries such as banking, healthcare, education and government want to verify the identity of visitors to their facilities,” said Louie Wang, Chief Operation Officer at SinoVision. “Acuant’s best-in-class identity verification and document authentication products were the ideal choice to meet our clients’ rigorous needs. With Acuant, we are able to offer a superb user experience while reducing risk to the organization from bad actors with fraudulent IDs.”

AssureID’s patented authentication technology extracts biometric and alphanumeric data contained in an identity document, applying 50+ forensic document-specific tests in seconds for an instant answer. Acuant has the industry’s largest Identity Document library – with more than 6,000 ID types – and adds hundreds of new global documents each year from over 190 countries.

“Our partnership with Singapore based SinoVision demonstrates our commitment to delivering industry leading solutions for identity verification across industries across the globe,” said Yossi Zekri, Acuant President and CEO. “SinoVision is passionate about offering a secure and seamless way to verify and authenticate visitors to commercial and government entities. With Acuant, SinoVision can deliver an intelligent security management system for authenticating visitors to any organization.”

Acuant will be showcasing its solutions at Identity Week Asia, October 8-9 in Singapore where Executive Vice President of Global Sales, Bruce Ackerman will be presenting on mitigating risk when it comes to border control. Interested parties can book on-site meetings with Acuant here.


About SinoVision
SinoVision® provides rich and comprehensive artificial intelligence solutions for a variety of applications and industries. The patented product, Ultimo® platform is an industry-leading intelligent security management system based on facial recognition. Ultimo® platform provides the innovative visitor management and security collaboration features and enhanced workflow. With the capabilities of physical security information management (PSIM), the Ultimo® platform is an ideal solution of operation management for visitor/staff/tenant/vehicle, access control, surveillance, event monitoring, incident reporting management, third party integration and data mining.


About Acuant
Acuant’s trusted Identity Platform is powered by AI with human assisted machine learning to reduce fraud while providing a seamless customer experience and increasing conversions in the digital economy. Built to scale and meet KYC, AML and GDPR regulations, Acuant achieved ISO certification and has the industry’s highest speed and accuracy rates. Award-winning products include intelligent data capture, ID authentication and facial recognition match. Solutions are omnichannel allowing businesses to establish identities on premise or remotely via the cloud and mobile devices. Completing more than 3 billion trusted transactions worldwide, partners include Fortune 100, FTSE 350 organizations and start-ups in all industries.


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