Konica Minolta Strengthens Workplace of the Future Offering with the Launch of the Acuant i-Dentify 150 Scanner to Confirm Visitor Identity

Konica Minolta Strengthens Workplace of the Future Offering with the Launch of the Acuant i-Dentify 150 Scanner to Confirm Visitor Identity

Acuant i-Dentify 150 Scanner Offers Enhanced Security for ALICE Receptionist Visitor Management System

Ramsey, NJ, Nov. 28, 2018  — Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced selection of the Acuant i-Dentify™ 150 Scanner, with Wintech’s ID Scan & Validate Subscription Plug-In, to complement the ALICE® Receptionist visitor management system. The scanner validates a wide range of visitor identification documents for their authenticity and can deny entry of unwanted visitors.
The Acuant i-Dentify 150 Scanner, with ID Scan & Validate, provides enhanced security visitor verification and registration features, validating that the visitor’s ID is authentic, legitimate and not expired. This authentication process will scan both sides of drivers’ licenses, student and military ID cards, and government issued identity documents, for example.

The ALICE Receptionist is one of several smart office solutions offered through Konica Minolta’s Workplace of the Future™ portfolio of products. It is a state-of-the-art touchscreen, secure visitor management system that greets guests by utilizing audio-video communications, alerting employees of visitor arrivals, while being visitor friendly.

“Our mission is to provide our customers with the right tools and technologies to create their own digital workplace of the future. Companies across all industries have begun to place greater importance on security, so we needed to provide the highest level of identity verification while maintaining an exceptional customer experience,” said Dino Pagliarello, vice president, product management and planning at Konica Minolta. “We were immediately impressed with the quality of the product. The fact that it can instantly detect counterfeit and expired licenses was the key selling point for us.”

The Acuant i-Dentify 150 Scanner can ensure that visitors successfully register via ALICE Receptionist, validating their identities. If the scanner detects an invalid or expired license, or identification card, the visitor is not allowed to complete the registration process and a designated employee is alerted that an unauthorized person is attempting to gain entrance.

“Like Konica Minolta, we believe in empowering our customers through technology that supports their needs without hindering their productivity,” said Yossi Zekri, President and CEO of Acuant. “Not only are we providing an extra level of security with this solution, but we also leave visitors with an excellent first impression while ensuring the safety of employees.”

About Acuant

Acuant’s trusted Identity Platform, powered by AI and human assisted machine learning, reduces fraud while providing a seamless customer experience and increasing conversions. Built to scale and meet KYC/AML regulations, Acuant has the industry’s highest speed and accuracy rates for ID verification. Award winning products include ID capture, AssureID authentication, facial recognition, Chip and Ozone ePassport authentication. Solutions are omnichannel and allow businesses to establish identities on premise or remotely via the cloud and mobile devices.

Completing more than 3 billion trusted transactions worldwide, partners include Fortune 500 and FTSE 350 organizations and start-ups in all industries. For more information please visit www.acuant.com.

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