Kristopher James Company Partners with Acuant to Streamline Customer Onboarding for Financial Institutions

Kristopher James Company Partners with Acuant to Streamline Customer Onboarding for Financial Institutions

Los Angeles – Feb, 20 2019 – Acuant, a leading global provider of identity verification solutions, today announced that Kristopher James Company will offer the company’s hardware and software onboarding solutions to financial services clients. For more than three decades, Kristopher James Company has provided premium-quality corporate forms and supplies to financial institutions nationwide. With Acuant’s AcuFill technology, Kristopher James Company is helping banks and credit unions streamline and modernize the onboarding process.

“We are committed to helping to financial institutions operate efficiently,” said Guy Becker, President of Kristopher James Company. “Manual data entry during new customer onboarding is slow and can potentially introduce errors. With Acuant’s award-winning AcuFill technology, our banking partners can capture and auto-populate data in a fraction of the time, improve accuracy and create an impressive customer experience at the first interaction. This is a much-needed tool for today’s modern financial institution to better compete.”

Acuant’s AcuFill technology is real time data capture and auto-fill software that saves time, increases revenue and impresses customers. By automating ID capture and data fill, banks can eliminate manual entry, photocopying and extra paperwork. AcuFill captures any government issued ID or identity document. Card information is processed securely in the cloud without storing any data or images on the local device, then accurately auto-populated into the target application in seconds.

“Working with an industry leader like Kristopher James Company will help us reach banks and credit unions across the nation who need to streamline their onboarding processes,” said Acuant President and CEO Yossi Zekri. “Consumers are technology-savvy, increasingly looking to do business with institutions that are modern, mobile friendly and responsive. We believe we can give those institutions a way to impress customers with a fast and friendly experience.”

About Kristopher James Company
Kristopher James Company has over three decades of experience supporting financial institution clients with their operational needs. The company is a one-stop-shop for the day-to-day supplies that to help financial institutions operate efficiently. As the preferred forms and supplies provider for Jack Henry & Associates®, Kristopher James Company guarantees to provide affordable banking solutions and dedicated support representatives to meet each bank’s unique requirements. The company also shares its years of experience in the industry through performance improvement consulting services and printing/mailing services. For more information please visit

About Acuant
Acuant’s trusted Identity Platform is powered by AI with human assisted machine learning to reduce fraud while providing a seamless customer experience and increasing conversions in the digital economy. Built to scale and meet KYC, AML and GDPR regulations, Acuant achieved ISO certification and has the industry’s highest speed and accuracy rates. Award-winning products include AcuFill ID capture, AssureID authentication, Facial Recognition Match, Chip and Ozone ePassport authentication. Solutions are omnichannel allowing businesses to establish identities on premise or remotely via the cloud and mobile devices. Completing more than 3 billion trusted transactions worldwide, partners include Fortune 100, FTSE 350 organizations and start-ups in all industries. For more information please visit


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