Self-Service Tech Market to Exceed $31B by 2020

The global self-service technology market will exceed $31 billion in five years, according to a report by Allied Market Research. The market will have an annual growth rate of 13.98% that will be largely driven by enterprises operating in sectors such as retail, banking, and healthcare.

According to the study, the self-service technology market is driven by the need to provide more convenience to customers while also saving on costs. With self-service kiosks, organizations can provide more convenient and efficient service while cutting down on manpower. The survey found that “North America accounted for the maximum adoption of self-service technologies with 44% share in the overall global revenue.”

Healthcare Facilities Using Self-Service Kiosks

Around the world, healthcare facilities are using self-service kiosks to give their patients a better experience. In Bolivia, Novant Health Brunswick Medical Center is now offering patients new self-service kiosks that let them check-in for preregistered appointments. The kiosk lets patients “update demographic information, review insurance information, scan ID and insurance cards, sign consent forms with an electronic signature, make credit card payments on previous account balances.”

Patients are encouraged to use the self-service kiosks in an effort to make healthcare simpler and more convenient. In Tennessee, Maury Regional Medical Center is letting patients use self-service kiosks to pay for their healthcare with any major credit card, checking account, or PayPal account.

Healthcare facilities are looking to self-service kiosks to provide quick, accurate, and efficient services. With self-service kiosks, patients can check-in quickly instead of waiting for a staff member to sign them in. In addition, instead of tediously entering the same information into multiple different forms, patients can use self-service kiosks to fill out forms electronically. The healthcare industry can benefit from the automation that self-service kiosks provide.

Identity Verification Solutions

Acuant’s identity verification solutions can help healthcare facilities like hospitals and doctor’s offices provide more efficient healthcare. With Acuant’s technology at self-service kiosks, patients can check in by swiping their ID’s. Acuant’s idScan can verify IDs from all 50 states, and from 90 different countries.

The ability to recognize ID’s from different countries makes going to a healthcare facility easier for people who do not have an American ID. Healthcare facility staff won’t have to worry about deciphering unfamiliar IDs, and patients won’t worry that they’ve filled out forms incorrectly. Acuant auto-populates the correct data into forms, so healthcare facility staff and patients can be sure that their information is accurate.

Acuant’s technology also allows businesses to comply with the legal requirements of identity verification and prevents HIPAA violations. Along with reading IDs, Acuant’s technology can read insurance cards. Instead of asking healthcare facility staff members for help with forms, patients can just scan their insurance cards. This ensures that patients fill out forms accurately, so healthcare facility staff members won’t have to spend time going over forms to make sure that they are filled out correctly.

Various industries are increasingly using self-service kiosks to give their customers more convenient service. The healthcare industry can use self-service kiosks paired with Acuant’s technology to give patients a better experience.


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