Spotlight on Acuant

Spotlight on Acuant

Read Acuant’s interview with DIACC to learn more about the importance of trustworthy digital identity and the role Canada plays in the growing identity space. You can read the original interview here

1.What is the mission and vision of Acuant?

Acuant’s mission is to power trust. We do this by enabling trusted transactions that are privacy minded, putting consumers in control of their data and minimizing risk. We are mindful that a mission must be founded upon a set of core values and business principles. For Acuant this means that we take a customer centric approach that defines our purpose, guides our products and harnesses the innovation and enthusiasm of our people. Our vision is that identity is the new currency and it should belong to the individual who may choose when and how to share their personally identifying information or PII. This must be balanced with the fact that the need for strong, customer-friendly identity proofing solutions has never been greater. As PII is continuously jeopardized, Acuant serves to find a way to create trusted transactions that puts individuals at ease and in control, while simultaneously allowing businesses to address their appropriate level of risk. We see ourselves as a global player on the good side of managing identity to aid in reducing human trafficking, combatting commercial fraud and safeguarding our borders.

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