Trustopia Selects Acuant for Identity Verification to Set a New Digital Standard for Global People Screening

Trustopia Selects Acuant for Identity Verification to Set a New Digital Standard for Global People Screening

Partnership Enables Safe and Secure Remote Onboarding for Companies to Verify Employees and Meet Regulations

Acuant, a leading global provider of identity verification solutions, today announced that Trustopia is using its award-winning Trusted Identity Platform to provide seamless onboarding and authentication in its people screening ecosystem. Trustopia provides secure end-to-end intelligent people screening for enterprise customers around the world. With Acuant, Trustopia customers are able to quickly and accurately verify identities on any channel.

Employee screening presents yet another challenge in identity proofing. Beyond employers seeking to truly know who they are hiring, valid screening should verify critical information such as right to work, criminal records, credit checks and driver status checks — all in an ethical and regulatory compliant manner. With regulations that differ by industry and country, if screening is not properly executed employers may risk reputation damage and significant penalties.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Acuant. Their best-in-class technology combined with Trustopia’s brilliantly simple platform and industry expertise is a powerful combination that will disrupt and change the background checking and screening market,” said Paul Moore, Chief Operating Officer at Trustopia.

Acuant’s platform allows businesses to onboard users and verify identities on premise and remotely (online, mobile, app). Trustopia has engaged Acuant IDscan®, AssureID™ and FaceID to provide seamless multi-factor authentication on any channel. In one seamless workflow, a user simply captures their government-issued identity document (which is instantly authenticated via 50+ forensic document-specific tests), then takes a selfie with a liveness test to prevent fraud. The selfie image is compared to the image on their ID for accurate verification. The entire verification process takes less than 20 seconds for a user. Acuant technology protects personally identifiable information (PII) providing encryption to and from the cloud to ensure data privacy.

Trustopia’s platform offers the same flexibility and ease that Acuant is known for — enterprises are able to gather and authenticate the information they need in order to streamline processes and make decisions. Both platforms are powered by AI with machine learning for fast, accurate and scalable solutions that enable full automation of workflows. With this partnership, companies can rest assured their employee onboarding is safe and secure at a time when many critical business operations are increasingly remote.

“Through our partnership with Trustopia we are helping businesses make better, faster, safer screening decisions,” said Yossi Zekri, President and CEO of Acuant. “Trustopia is innovating the people screening space and bringing together the best technologies to effortlessly automate and manage all screening requirements in one simple interface. We are extremely pleased to help execute this vision.”

About Trustopia

Trustopia is an intelligent people screening platform that enables enterprises to hire at scale, improve compliance, remove friction, be more inclusive and streamline their people operations. Designed for every business; companies and hiring leadership of all kinds are enabled through Trustopia’s brilliantly simple, secure digital interface to in-house validate and manage the real-world identities, histories and statuses of people anywhere so they can make better, faster, safer screening decisions with absolute certainty. For more information please visit

About Acuant

Acuant provides seamless identity verification for all industries to build your business with valid customers. The Acuant Trusted Identity Platform is powered by AI for the highest speed and accuracy rates. Omnichannel products provide superior customer experiences that allow businesses to establish trust via identity proofing from any location in seconds. Scalable, secure and compliant (KYC, AML, GDPR), award-winning products include government-issued identity document and chip authentication, biometric facial recognition and more. Providing the most global coverage, Acuant has completed more than one billion trusted transactions in over 196 countries. For more information please visit


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