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AI-Powered Solutions for Identity Verification, KYC/AML & Fraud Prevention

The revolution of managing identity is here. Continued expansion of the digital economy commands the need for businesses and consumers to establish trust on demand. This means truly knowing who you are doing business with by enabling secure transactions wherever and however your customer want to transact.


Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform provides AI-powered identity verification, regulatory compliance (AML/KYC) and digital identity solutions that deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. For over 20 years, Acuant has processed millions of trusted transactions daily in 196+ countries. Our goal is to meet your needs with the best technology and support.


Our solutions balance security with customer experience while fighting fraud across the physical and digital world. The result is the most accurate risk decisioning that allows businesses to move faster and deliver the best experience across all channels.


Address your level of risk, your compliance needs, your customer experience – all in one place.

  • Fastest Fully Automated Verification to Increase Conversions
  • Best Patented Image Capture to Prevent User Error
  • Facial Recognition with Robust Liveness Tests to Thwart Fraud
  • Omnichannel Solutions for Every Industry & Use Case (on premise, kiosk, desktop, mobile/app)
  • Customer Centric with Easy Integration & Developer Friendly APIs

6 top 10 US Banks choose Acuant for on-premise, mobile & cloud transactions to meet regulations & improve customer experiences

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