Acuant OzoneĀ® RFID Chip Solutions

Verify Document Authenticity & Information in Seconds

Omnichannel, Fast, Secure & Scalable Technology

Award-winning Acuant OzoneĀ® provides the robust cryptography needed to verify the authenticity of and information on an RFID chip. Found on modern identity documents such as ePassports and eIDs, the chip contains reliable personal information about the holder and a high resolution photo suitable for facial recognition.

  • No training required to detect fraudulent ID's
  • Seamless omnichannel/mobile solution
  • No manual input or checks needed
  • Verify identity documents online or on prem
  • Easy PKI authentication in a box

Award-Winning Acuant Ozone

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  • Check Identity Document Authenticity in Seconds
  • Verify Personal Information Directly from the RFID Chip
  • Meet Global Regulatory Requirements (ICAO, EU Right to Work, AML, KYC, etc.)

Additional Capabilities:

Issuance: ICAO compliant PKI & Security Object Encoding

Analysis: QA/QC & Forensic Analysis

Authentication: Border Processing & Passive Authentication

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