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// Authentication for eIDs & ePassports

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Instant, Scalable Identity Verification for Any Industry


Acuant Ozone® is the most secure, accurate and user friendly solution to validate ePassports, eMRTDs and eIDs. Ozone is easy to deploy on-premise or remote (online and mobile apps), built to scale and can easily handle high volumes. Patented technology provides easy age verification, check documents expiration and also works with Digital Travel Credentials (DTC) for Passive Authentication and Issuance.

  • Travel/Border Crossing
  • Onboarding
  • Banking
  • Retail

From onboarding and reverification to higher security use cases for border crossing and access to government services, Acuant provides operationally efficient solutions that meet your security needs and enhance the consumer experience.

How It Works

Ozone technology provides the most accurate and effective method to confirm the ID was issued by a trusted issuer, the chip has not been altered after issuance and ensures the ID is trusted by the issuer at the time of authentication (i.e. has not been revoked).


Remote: Use your Android or iOS device to capture your ID and for online transactions. Simply scan the MRZ, then place your mobile device on the passport engaging Near Field Communication (NFC) to unlock and read the chip data. On-Premise: Use an NFC document reader to simply scan the ID to read the chip data.


Data is securely processed via Ozone authentication in the cloud with cryptography and the process takes just seconds to populate applications and get an authentication response. Ozone alleviates image capture issues like glare, sharpness, upload speed and other factors by automatically giving you a high quality image from the chip.



  • Verifies data with the document (ePassport, eMRTD, eID) issuer
  • Provides document revocation checks
  • Provides document issuance checks
  • Access quality image for best results




  • Robust cryptographic security & data encryption
  • Access tamper proof images on chip, no visual inspection required
  • Broad global ID coverage with continuous updates
  • ICAO compliant & meets global regulations



  • Cloud-hosted & local options for any use case
  • One API for access to Ozone, Assure ID & FaceID
  • Commercial / government / private cloud & local deployment support
  • Applications for any device/platform



  • Quickly onboard & process customers in any use case
  • Easily access quality image from chip for best results
  • NFC-ready for contactless identity verification
  • Easy age verification & ID expiration checks

Physical documents can be easily altered or forged, but Ozone pulls the encrypted data directly from the chip. With Ozone you increase authentication accuracy and feel more confident in who is on the other side of the transaction.


AssureIDand Acuant FaceID are available in the same API. AssureID checks the authenticity of the physical document in instances where the chip may have been revoked. FaceID facilitates face matching by trusted partners for quick multi-factor authentication by comparing a selfie to the quality image stored on the chip.

Meet Regulatory Requirements with Award-Winning Ozone®

  • ICAO Compliant Document Security Object (SOD)
  • ICAO Compliant Quality Assurance Control
  • FATF
  • EU Right to Work
  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Currency & Foreign Transactions
  • Red Flag Rules (FTC/NCUA)
  • Patriot Act & Anti-Terrorism Act
  • KYC, AML, PSD2 & CIP
  • Gramm-Leach-Billey Act
Acuant is now a GBG cmpany Acuant is now a GBG company


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