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// Authentication for eIDs & ePassports

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Process ePassports and eIDs with the Highest Level of Identity Assurance


Acuant Ozone® is a secure, accurate and user-friendly solution to validate ePassports, eIDs, and Machine-Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs). Ozone is easy to deploy in an on premise or mobile environment, is built to scale, and is designed to adeptly manage a high volume of transactions.  


Excelling in locations like border crossings where passports are common, Ozone also delivers a superior level of performance and trust to customer onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes in industries such as banking and financial services.  

How It Works

Acuant Ozone is a comprehensive solution to validate ePassports and eIDs with efficiency and accuracy. The solution intelligently processes ePassports and eIDs with a contactless chip by extracting the identity holder’s information from the chip, verifying it with the issuer, validating the document’s authenticity, and decoding security and privacy mechanisms. Ozone is also well-suited for the evolving world of identity and border control solutions with the ability to generate a Digital Travel Credential (DTC) from the physical document.


With options for in-person, document-present environments and a mobile version that is embeddable in iOS or Android applications, Ozone is highly flexible to meet a range of needs. It’s also available with Acuant’s solution for identity verification – AssureID™ – to add facial recognition and liveness detection for an additional layer of trust.


  • Capture and extract text and image data from ePassports and eIDs with full accuracy using contactless chips and NFC-enabled devices.
  • Verify data with the document issuer to ensure authenticity and confirm the document was issued by a trusted source and has not been revoked.
  • Securely unlock the chip in eIDs using advanced cryptography and rely on anti-cloning measures to validate that the contactless chip and physical document belong to each other.
  • Combine facial recognition and liveness detection to compare a selfie against the image embedded in the chip for multi-factor authentication in remote transactions.
  • Comply with standards and specifications established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), followed by countries issuing ePassports.
  • Process a wide range of documents with a global document library that is continuously updated.




Read the chip in eIDs instantly for an effortless customer experience.




Capture data directly from the chip and verify it with the issuer for complete accuracy.




Decode the security mechanisms in eIDs to ensure identity information stays secure.




Verify with the issuer that the document was issued and not revoked.

Acuant Ozone Use Cases

  • Border Crossing
  • Travel Identification
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Online Account Opening
  • KYC Compliance
  • Employment Verification

Meet Regulatory Requirements with Award-Winning Ozone®

  • ICAO Compliant Document Security Object (SOD)
  • ICAO Compliant Quality Assurance Control
  • FATF
  • EU Right to Work
  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Currency & Foreign Transactions
  • Red Flag Rules (FTC/NCUA)
  • Patriot Act & Anti-Terrorism Act
  • KYC, AML, PSD2 & CIP
  • Gramm-Leach-Billey Act


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