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Integrated or Standalone Sanctions Screening and PEP Search


Acuant Compliance improves the accuracy and efficiency of your Sanctions Screening effort and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) search using graph intelligence. We help you comply with internal, domestic and international watch list enforcement regulations and identify high-risk and sanctioned individuals and entities.


Our solutions combine patented Digital Identity technology eDNA technology to build, analyze and verify digital identities with the ability to look at an individual’s known associations through public data, social network analysis, deep web and other private data sources.  We allow you to screen, detect and track beneficial owners and their linkages in real time.


Integrate our Sanctions Screening software with your current system or utilize as a stand-alone capability for periodic screening.


Reduce false-positives by 50% — saving time and money.


Reduce False




Bad matching can create a lot of extra work through follow-up on a flood of erroneous alerts. We reduce your false positives with our matching engine and by using the right lists on the right people.

Streamline Your Compliance Operations



Automated screening without human intervention. Case management for reviewing potential matches and queue management for escalations.


Better Coverage to Minimize Your Risk



400+ global sanctions lists, advanced matching algorithms and filtering to view matches based on name, location, DOB, social network and connectivity strengths.

Facilitate Your Team Workflows



Platform automatically produces  reports required by examiners to demonstrate effectiveness in flagging users, reviewing potential matches and performing EDD.


  • Accurate Results- List Configuration, Matching & Analysis: Access to 400+ global sanctions & PEPs lists, enable lists & thresholds based on geography, product type or risk; Algorithms include: Jaro Winkler, Soundex, Phonetic & Distance; Filter out matches based on date of birth (DOB) & geography; Graph Intelligence to see matches based on strength of associations to sanctioned or risky entities

  • Prebuilt Examiner Reports: Automatically receive examiner required reports to show effectiveness in flagging users, reviewing potential matches & performing EDD

  • Automated & Continuous Monitoring: Configure periodic rescreening of customers & only receive a flag if a new match occurs

  • Case/Queue Management: Recorded & easily exportable notes, automatically assign potential matches based on perceived threat or list with full visibility into analysts’ queues & ability to re-assign matches for final review

Why Acuant Compliance


Acuant Compliance has everything you need to meet regulations, manage fraud and fight financial crime. Our complete KYC solution offers identity verification, risk assessment, enhanced due diligence, rules, case management, continuous monitoring and more. Acuant solutions are offered for every channel and available in an easy-to-use format.

The Current State of Sanctions


There has been global outcry in response to Russia’s deadly military attack on Ukraine. In efforts to end the assault by imposing significant political and economic pressures, numerous—and substantial—sanctions were introduced by world leaders, including the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and other countries around the world.


Here, we highlight some of the many sanctions imposed on Russian—and non-Russian—individuals, entities, products, services and more. Get the eBook The Current State of Sanctions to read more.


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