Acuant®GO: IDV & KYC/AML No Code Solutions


Acuant®GO delivers AI-powered, fully automated Identity Verification and KYC/AML solutions with proven rapid implementation. We take the guess work, need for significant IT resources and lengthy integration out of the equation. Acuant®GO offers the fastest, easiest and most secure go-to-market solutions that keep your business growing and your customers happy.


Acuant®GO keeps up with changing regulations, customer demands and increasingly remote transactions. Omnichannel solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into your company’s existing processes and work wherever your customers want to transact: mobile, desktop and cross device workflows.


We help you answer the most important questions:

Are they who they claim to be?
Can I do business with this person?
Should I do business with this person?


Discover how we can help you meet your business needs with any of our ready to GO solutions, or customize your own. See Acuant®GO in action today!

Choose from 3 Ready to GO Packages

  • IDV Proof: Establish a trust anchor based on the authentication of a government-issued document (50+ forensic tests) and facial recognition match with a liveness test.
  • KYC/AML Proof: Perform all regulatory functions required for KYC anywhere in the world.
  • Ultimate Proof: Combine the power of establishing a trust anchor the versatility of the Acuant Compliance solution for the most powerful fraud prevention technology in the marketplace.

Learn more about what each package offers and speak to our experts about the right choice for your use case. We have you covered with our add ons and customization capabilities.

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