Transaction Monitoring for Global Payments Supplier

Tipalti + Acuant

Tipalti + Acuant Case Study


Tipalti is the leading end-to-end cloud solution for automating every phase of the supplier payments process. Its comprehensive accounts payable automation tool eliminates the need for time-consuming and complex spreadsheets. Through a single intuitive platform, organizations can oversee everything from supplier onboarding to invoice management reducing up to 80% of the typical workload. Paired with an exceptional customer-first approach, Tipalti has achieved a 98% customer retention rate with household names that include Amazon, Twitch, GoDaddy, Headspace and Canva.


Tipalti's Challenge

In 2020, Tipalti experienced an 80% increase in transaction volume. On a weekly basis, Tipalti supports thousands of organizations paying over four million suppliers. For a single customer, this can amount to tens of thousands of daily transactions.

This unprecedented growth also uncovered a new challenge for Tipalti – finding the capacity to effectively address and monitor all their transactions securely and efficiently. They needed an automated Transaction Monitoring solution that could fully support their rapid growth.

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There’s lots of automation tools out there but [Acuant] made sense and we found them to be a very great partner."

Chief Compliance Officer


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