Address & Location Verification

Verify Any Address Worldwide in Less than a Minute

Prevent Fraud, Improve Conversions & Meet Compliance Mandates

Proof of residency falsification has become a serious issue for companies. Identity documents can be easily altered and there are multiple occasions when fake or temporary addresses are used to imitate permanent ones. This activity is linked to a rise in synthetic identity fraud, when a fraudster uses a combination of fake and real information to create a brand-new identity, which is one of the reasons why proof of address is so important.

Beyond this issue, using proof of address as a form of identity verification helps your business comply with directives and regulations, such as 5AMLD, and protect it from otherwise unavoidable risks.

Merchants lose $2.40 for every $1 of chargeback – primarily due to fake delivery addresses.


17,000+ address fraud complaints per year according to USPS.

How Acuant Helps

Verify & Corroborate Address

Acuant verifies addresses against 6,000+ utility providers and telcos.

Comply with Regulations

Address verification can be an additional KYC/AML requirement and our tools help to ensure effortless compliance with regulations.

Prevent Fraud

As the number of fraudulent activities rapidly increases, having an address verification solution are an additional defense.

Eliminate Friction

A fully automated address verification process minimizes friction and reduces costs over a manual review process.

Improve Conversion

Verify and approve more genuine customers to drive revenue.


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