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A Regulatory Ready, End-to-End AML Compliance Platform

Streamline Your Compliance Operation

AML compliance is the key to preventing criminals from using your institution to launder money. However, complying with AML regulations can be daunting for any size company. Relying on manual processes, legacy systems or data silos between your risk and compliance teams is expensive and takes resources away from other valuable compliance activities. Automated systems are cost effective, and in some cases even required by regulators, but they have their own challenges. They can be noisy, resulting in too many alerts, difficult to configure and may require significant integration efforts.

40% of companies do not incorporate digital ID during onboarding, increasing AML risk.


22% of compliance professionals feel that a lack of automation is a hurdle.


31% of compliance professionals feel that false positives remain their top operational challenge.

How Acuant Helps

Improve Operational Efficiency

Automated transaction modeling with rules, cases and alerts reduces the number of exceptions and escalations, enabling greater efficiency and lower compliance cost.

Risk-Based Approach Improves Productivity

Too many alerts hurt productivity. We allow you to rate risk alerts so you focus on the most critical ones. Apply more hurdles to potentially suspicious transaction users while showing trusted users the fast lane.

Dynamic Modeling & Analysis Improve Accuracy

Our system learns as users change, evolving risk models and improving the results. We consolidate many signals and orchestrate their analysis into a consistent model for more accurate risk assessment.

A Quick & Simple Integration

Our solutions for AML and KYC offer a rapid deployment, can be accessed through a no code option and are highly configurable and customizable to get you up and running quickly. Integrating with your existing systems and processes is painless, and intuitive design drives a great user experience. And, you have the full support of Acuant’s compliance experts to guide you along the way.


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