Patient Screening

Know Your Patient (KYP)
Upgrade Patient Experiences

Secure Patient Identity Verification to Streamline Operations, Protect PII Data and Prevent Fraud

Prioritize patient safety by accurately verifying identity and insurance information for in-person healthcare appointments, telehealth services and pharmacy visits. Hospitals, clinics, labs and retail pharmacies trust Acuant for secure digital patient identity solutions to deliver a modern and efficient patient experience.

Since April 2020, telehealth adoption has approached up to 17% of all outpatient/office visits.


27% of medical claim denials are due to patient registration.


85% of medical claim denials are considered avoidable; 48% are unrecovered.

How Acuant Helps

Patient Intake

Get accurate identity and insurance information with automated capture and data extraction to populate electronic medical records while safeguarding protected health information.

Patient Portal Access

Validate patient information and identity to secure account login or remote access.

Telemedicine and Digital Services

Ensure the person presenting the ID is the one receiving mobile/digital services with FaceID, device recognition and document authentication.

Fraud Prevention

Prevent claims and insurance fraud, identity theft and prescription fraud.

Reduce Wait Time

Drive a frictionless workflow with automated capture of IDs and medical insurance cards to speed up registration.


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