Step-Up Authentication Monitor Your User

Greater Assurance for High-Risk Transactions

A Continuous Fight Against Fraud

Protecting against fraud doesn’t stop after a customer is successfully onboarded. As customers begin to transact, some activities may, in fact, pose a greater risk than the onboarding process. A simple request to change an email may seem straightforward but it starts to look more like fraud when coming from a new device with a new geo location. A one-off, high-value transaction may also raise suspicion. Consequently, a higher level, step-up authentication process may be required to prevent fraud and should be done in a way that doesn’t needlessly inconvenience your customers.

In 2020, the FTC reported 2.2 million fraud reports from consumers.


Consumers reported to losing $3.3 billion to fraud in 2020.


34% of all consumers who filed a fraud report with the FTC reported losing money, up from 23% in 2019.

How Acuant Helps

Covers the Full Identity Life Cycle

Acuant’s platform provides the tools to quickly prove the identity of good customers at the onboarding stage while continuously validating identities as users transact and progress through the customer journey.

Highly Accurate Fraud Detection

eDNA, Acuant’s digital identity engine, securely builds, analyzes, and verifies digital identities. With machine learning and graph intelligence, eDNA can discover patterns and signals that indicate fraud with a high degree of accuracy, triggering a step-up verification process only when warranted.

Convenient, Biometric-based Re-Verification

Account activities like a high-value transfer that are deemed suspicious and require step-up authentication come with little friction. Instead of contacting a call center, users go through a convenient yet secure biometric authentication process that quickly confirms valid users and stops fraudsters.

Prevent Fraud Without Sacrificing Customer Experience

With the intelligence to pinpoint fraudulent transactions with certainty, the step-up authentication process is applied wisely so customers gain peace of mind knowing accounts and identities remain secure, without negatively impacting their experience.


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