Acuant Verify

AI-Powered Identity Verification


Identity Verification On Demand for Initial & Continuous Authentication


Acuant Verify provides complete identity proofing and verification on any channel, from any location in the world. We are trusted by thousands of global industry leaders to improve and protect their business operations in the physical and digital world. Automated verification solutions are omnichannel, scalable and secure. Acuant uses end-to-end encryption and never stores personal data or images.


Acuant’s patented AI technology provides document, data and biometric authentication with liveness tests to truly verify if the person transacting is who they say they are. Acuant Verify significantly reduces employee training, operating costs and customer inconvenience. Our solutions show trusted consumers the fast lane, while adding checks to suspicious users, so you can keep your business growing.

Document-Centric Verification








Acuant Verify is stringent enough for the highest security environments- able to fight and deter sophisticated fraud, identity spoofing, deepfakes and synthetic IDs- and flexible enough for simple transactions. No matter your use case, Acuant streamlines workflows and protects against identity theft and fraud. We also meet compliance needs with our AML solutions, all in one platform. We automate Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, including Video KYC, which are often manual and time consuming, to quickly identify good customers versus the bad actors you want to avoid.


Combined with patented Digital Identity technology eDNA® technology, Acuant allows you to build, proof, monitor and re-use an identity, going beyond initial verification.

AI is Transforming Fraud Management

Artificial intelligence for fraud detection went through a long period of maturation plagued by high rates of false positives and inexplicable decisioning. But AI and machine learning (ML) tools have since become an essential part of leading fraud management solutions including Acuant’s.


This report from Forrester identifies key fraud management use cases where AI can help and maps how security and risk (S&R) professionals can use major AI technologies in each situation.


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