Acuant Video KYC

Video KYC in a Few Minutes: Easy, Secure & Compliant


As part of the no code Acuant®GO suite, Video KYC is an EU-patented solution that enables customer identification through video, combining AI-based technology with the expertise of highly qualified identity and fraud specialists. This provides another way to meet your identity verification needs and regulatory requirements in one platform for seamless operations and a superior customer experience.

How It Works


A user is connected to an agent (specialist) for a video call (like a video conference call) to show their identity document to verify their identity. An agent records the video of the interaction with the user, takes a picture of the ID and of the user and captures the information presented in the ID (data extraction). They ensure the person is not acting suspiciously or forging an identity.


Accessed through Acuant®GO, Video KYC requires no additional setup for getting up and running and the assessment results are available within the GO platform.


Extended service hours of 24-hour availability enable you to offer your customers the opportunity to choose for themselves when they want to undergo the identification process.

All the Customer Needs Is:


An internet connection with a supported browser and a minimum of 0.5 MB/s upload/ download bandwidth


A computer with a webcam, a smartphone or tablet that has a camera with a minimum resolution of 640px x 480px


Their valid identity document

Why Video KYC is Needed


Video KYC can be used to meet regulatory identity verification requirements, supplement existing non-human based solutions with human involved verification and/or to achieve a high level of assurance. It has been rapidly emerging as a convenient and fast way of meeting KYC requirements. Additionally, there is the potential to increase customer conversion rates compared to traditional (and more arduous) offline procedures.


Video KYC complies with the requirements outlined in the Money Laundering Act and the various data protection directives, as well as with the requirements stipulated by the respective supervisory authorities (e.g., BaFin, FIAU, FINMA or FMA).



Dedicated and supportive identity and fraud-spotting experts in over 15 identity centers in Germany and Europe – whenever, wherever.



All communication is done via encrypted channels. Data centers are located in the European Union to ensure a high level of data protection.

User Friendly


Excellent usability, optimized for desktop, tablet, mobile and POS processes, and confirmed by very good user ratings.



High level of legal compliance in accordance with the strict regulatory requirements throughout the European Union and beyond.

Trained identity and fraud specialists perform the video interviews. You can also use your own highly qualified agents. Established via WebRTC, the video stream is secure and P2P encrypted.

  • GDPR Compliant
  • EU-based specialists are located in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Poland and Romania
  • Language support for English, French, German and Dutch with Spanish coming soon
  • Accept global passports, IDs and driver’s licenses for the EU and US
  • Takes up to 60 seconds to connect, with the entire process taking 1-3 minutes
  • Standard or custom scripts are available for the specialists to follow
  • Data retention for the video recordings can be set in the admin portal
  • Video recordings are available in the platform to satisfy audit requirements and additional review
  • Highly trained specialists available 24/7

Use Cases

  • Onboard Customers Remotely & Securely
  • New Account Opening
  • High Assurance Transactions
  • Comply with Regulatory Compliance
  • Comply with Official Government Issuance as Legitimate KYC
  • Building Security
  • Patient Management


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