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Customer-Friendly Journeys

Acuant fights fraud with automated, secure workflows

KYC/AML | ID & Selfie Verification | Fraud Management

One Platform to Establish Trust Anywhere in the World

Knowing who you are doing business with has never been more critical. Acuant allows you to instantly minimize risk, prevent fraud and enhance security for any size business with the fastest Go-to-Market.

We deliver omnichannel solutions for age verification, AML/KYC, fraud prevention and more to be where your customers want to transact. Fast, friendly and secure identity verification for today's digital-first economy.

With You Every Step of the Customer Journey

Fast, Secure Onboarding to Pass More Good Customers

  • Automated Identity Verification
  • Industry’s largest identity document library of 6,000+ IDs
  • Accurate & secure data/ image processing with encryption

Establish a Trust Anchor

Seamlessly capture ID data with user-friendly tech for the best quality images and accuracy. 50+ forensic tests run in seconds to authenticate IDs. Securely validate any ID, eID, ePassport or digital identity globally, remotely or on-premise.

  • Biometric & Data-Centric Verification
  • iBeta & NIST compliant level 1&2 cert
  • 50+ third-party data sources via one API including alternative data

Perform Complete Identity Proofing

Layer on facial recognition with liveness to ensure genuine presence and combat fraud. Harness the power of our orchestration layer to curate identity data for dark web checks, device authentication, geo/IP location, etc.; verify anyone in the world, including thin-files.

  • End-To-End KYC & AML
  • 300+ global Sanctions/PEP lists, full case management & rule setting
  • Share data across business- easy reporting, audit trails & SAR filing

Streamline Regulatory Compliance

Balance customer experience with necessary due diligence and global regulatory requirements while reducing false positives. Effortlessly conduct Sanctions Screening and Transaction Monitoring with everything you need in one place.

  • Graph Intelligence & Trust Scoring
  • Patented eDNA® machine learning & trust scoring
  • Proprietary Trusted Identity database of 450M+ digital identities

Engage Risk-Based Continuous Monitoring

Choose the only platform designed to build, proof, monitor and re-use digital identities. Monitor identities, reputations and transactions to identify questionable actors vs. trusted users.
Sophisticated machine learning detects suspicious activity and quantifies risks.

Proven Results

Transactional Fraud


Automated Solutions
Reduce Secondary Review


Onboarding Fraud


With Acuant you have the flexibility to easily address evolving fraud and regulations.
Access the entire platform or just the solutions you need today.

Omnichannel Deployment

Solutions to Power Trust Wherever & However Your Customers Want to Transact

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On Premise

Trust a Proven Global Provider


Over 8.5 Billion on premise identity checks annually


Completed over
1.5 Billion SaaS transactions


Over 450 Million Digital Identities created


Completed over
2 Million installations

The Gold Standard in Identity

FedRATE Authorized - Acuant identity verification
PCI DSS Compliant - Acuant, best ID verification Software
SOC 2 Type 2 - Acuant ID verification
CIRQ certified / ISO 27001 - Acuant identity authentication
NIST - Acuant, best ID verification Software


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