Fighting First-Party Fraud by Monitoring Customer Risk

First-party fraud is when individuals—for their own purposes or on behalf of others—using a real or synthetic identity enter an exchange of some sort for goods or services without intending to follow through on the future payment(s). This can include...


Why No Code Tech Is A Game-Changer For Identity Proofing In The Era Of Digital Transformation

Glenn Larson is the Vice President of Engineering at Acuant and a member of the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives. Read his article for the Forbes Technology Council below, or find the original...


Introducing My Digital ID from Acuant | Debuting in Microsoft Azure AD Verifiable Credentials

Verify Once, Use Everywhere As announced at Ignite, Microsoft is breaking ground to introduce verifiable credentials in Azure Active Directory, encouraging the adoption of a Zero Trust approach in the wake of today’s increasing fraud landscape. Acuant was chosen as...


How to Protect Your Business and Comply with AML Regulations in LATAM

Money laundering is a significant issue faced by banks and other financial institutions, particularly in the Latin American regions. To counteract this fraudulent behavior, governments are being more proactive in their countermeasures against money laundering and exploitative practices, by introducing...


The Impact of 6AMLD on Virtual Currencies

In recent years, consumer demands and technological innovations have instigated a radical transformation of the payments space. The rise of FinTech in particular has been a significant mobilizer of change, driving faster, cross-border payments. Among the latest developments, is an...


The Rise of Digital Banking & The Challenge of Establishing Trust

KYC & AML APIs are Key for Open Banking | Neobanks | Challenger Banks As more people transact and spend time online, the demand for digital solutions and services, including banking, has increased significantly. Digital banking is growing rapidly and evolving...


Mind the “Trust” Gap: Bridging Physical & Digital Identity

Despite ongoing digital transformation, many people still rely on physical, government-issued identification documents. The move that we are in the midst of, from a physical world to a digital one, has created a “trust gap” in the use and validation...


Cryptocurrency Exchange Regulations Pose Challenges for Decision Makers

Acuant’s VP of Compliance Products, Neal Reiter talks to PaymentsJournal about the impact of new anti-money laundering (AML) regulations on FIs & crypto exchanges and the technology needed to ensure compliance. Read the original article and listen to the podcast...


Wondering what the Trust Gap is? Join Us February 24th to Find Out

Meet the Panelists of Our “Mind the Gap” Webinar The gap between physical and digital identity has been widening significantly and the pandemic has accelerated the move to digital.  What has this meant for fraud and how will government and...


Cat Got your Bitcoin? With Increasing Popularity Comes Increasing Regulations for Crypto: 6AMLD, FATF Travel Act & More

It is no secret that cryptocurrency has been volatile over the years, but today we are witnessing increasing mainstream adoption and a rise in popularity globally. Consequently, governments worried about related risks have been introducing cryptocurrency regulations aimed at preventing...


Preventing Synthetic Fraud with Biometric Facial Recognition Match and Liveness Testing

Fraud prevention and detection technology is advancing, but so is fraud. The acceleration of the adoption and deployment of digital and remote solutions in almost every industry has been an opportunity for fraudsters and we are seeing the rise of...


As transactions become more complex, the laundering fight can’t be manual

Acuant's Chief Product Officer Jose Caldera shares his expertise with PaymentsSource, writing about the requirements for implementing a proper risk-based approach and the importance of modern and automated AML and transaction monitoring solutions for fraud prevention and effective compliance processes. ...

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