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Acuant Health Launches to Serve All Things Identity in Health & Wellness

For over 20 years, Acuant has processed millions of trusted transactions daily in 196+ countries in every major industry including Healthcare. Our Trusted Identity Platform provides patented technology to solve real problems such as patient management and access, protecting the most vulnerable, safety of the public health and properly dispensing controlled substances.


We have a rich history of building identity verification and corroboration technologies with the security and privacy of the individual as a main tenet. Hundreds of hospitals, clinical labs, specialty care centers, pharmacies, medical and dental practices, mental health providers and agencies rely on our software and hardware each and every day. Acuant MedicScan® software automates data and image intake of IDs and medical insurance cards to speed up registration and prevent costly errors for front desk, kiosk, online portal & mobile apps.


The launch of Acuant Health is a natural evolution to our existing healthcare solutions addressing growing issues of identity management in the industry, and more urgently what we are doing today with partners to aid in the Covid-19 crisis. Under Acuant® Well ID, we are developing a set of easy to use tools and APIs, along with partner initiatives, to enable government agencies and employers initiate a safe return to public life. Acuant Well ID can typically be assembled in two to four weeks and engages Acuant Ozone® cryptography and hash authentication technology to ensure security and privacy.

Acuant® Well ID: Mobile Tools & APIs to Safely & Securely Track Covid-19 Status

  • Back2Life App for Agencies, Cities & Municipalities
  • Back2Work App for Public & Private Employers
  • Device & ID Authentication with Facial Recognition & Location Tracking
  • Customizable Inputs to Fit Your Needs


Acuant Cares is an ongoing part of the greater Acuant mission to bring trusted identities to all. We intend to offer our services to aid NGOs and other organizations in efforts that arise in times of crisis, but also in everyday battles that are fought relating to trust and identity. Acuant will offer discounted services to those who qualify including for our Covid-19 mobile apps: Back2Life and Back2Work.
Further, Acuant will be identifying organizations to support ongoing humanitarian causes such as putting an end to Human Trafficking.
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Acuant serves over 200 healthcare partners globally including leading US retail pharmacies and clinical labs.

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