Acuant and Datalogic’s partnership provides you with a solution to improve the rental car customer’s experience and optimize your workflow. Using a desktop or mobile device, simply scan ID’s to auto-populate the data into a rental agreement and save the image into Carhire Manager Web.

√ Save Time

Speed up the check-out & registration process
Reduce customer wait time in line
Reads driver’s licenses and other ID’s from over 90 countries

√ Save Money

Radically increase accuracy of data & prevent human errors
Eliminate photo-copying ID’s which can cause compliance issues & fines
Get real time ID verification to protect your assets

√ Put the Focus Back on the Customer

Spend less time on data collection & more time on personal interaction
Easily accommodate vehicle side check-out
Improve your Customer Service Index (CSI)


Pricing for Software

  • HTML 5 Solution: Works on any scanning device, Acuant device, camera, tablet, or smart phone with at least a 5 megapixel camera
  • $50 subscription per month per company
  • $0.25 per transaction (per driver’s license scanned)

The scanning of the driver’s license can be performed with any Datalogic Consultant approved scanner, a Scanner purchased from Acuant, or a mobile device / tablet.

  • Call Acuant for more Hardware options
  • $20 monthly per software license

Why use our solutions?

Customers demand a quick and easy rental experience. idScan® gives you the ability to capture images and data quickly and effectively, streamlining the process while providing a superior customer service experience.

Download the guide for Desktop ID Scanning

ScanShell® 800DXN


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