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With various industries benefiting from a new world of possibility driven by the implementation of new technology, it is no wonder why many of our partners have purchased and or implemented different solutions we’ve developed to make their workflow more efficient. Yes, although we certainly pride ourselves in the technology we’ve created and how it has helped end users … our crowning accomplishment has always been witnessing the added value this technology creates for the various business segments it operates within. Value that consists of a better work flow, stronger security, and a more robust way of capturing information through card reading and id scanning. These business segments range the full gamut of those looking to authenticate and capture data from security, finance, government, but especially… healthcare.

But, why the healthcare industry? Healthcare has been marked by bad press and at times thought be to be inefficient, there are also a plethora of other reasons why things need to be done accurately. For instance, did you know that professionals have the ability to reduce claim rejection letters that may result when information is missing from it being entered by hand. However, when using a proven system built to accurately auto-populate this information such as Medicscan, this worry can be reduced as the information is transferred over safely and quickly albeit reducing the problems that may arise from human error. The way this process works is pretty cool. Images, not just words, can be read from a data source and then transferred into a patient’s data record! Imagine how this can increase the efficiency of a busy hospital office, not only is it saving time it is helping make the process more accurate.

There are various partners we’ve connected with who have helped to bring these solutions and technologies to their respective markets, you can actually take a look by scrolling to the bottom of this page to view the Acuant partners. These professionals are ones we pride ourselves in working with especially when they share the success and happiness of the clients who have implemented our solutions into their workflow. Even more exciting is how the latter individuals can choose the right solution for them, from simple hardware, to integrations that work with existing systems, there are various choices when it comes to efficiency and card reading technology

However, it does not stop there, we also seek to create peace of mind in the form of helpful manuals, easy to use software and a customer support team that can be reached by phone or email to help make the process more understandable. But, who exactly are the groups benefiting from these solutions? To be quite frank, a lot of different businesses, from dealerships, to clubs, to healthcare professionals… for years our technology have been a strong part of the business process for different companies. We are proud to stand by our partners, their clients, as well as various customers looking to make the world better by taking the next step in implementing a better way of doing business.


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