Introducing Acuant®GO: Why No Code IDV & Compliance Solutions are a Game Changer

Introducing Acuant®GO: Why No Code IDV & Compliance Solutions are a Game Changer

No code technology is a rapidly growing market, and for good reason. Forrester expects the no code/low code market to reach $21.2 Billion by 2022. And Gartner estimates that enterprise low code application platforms (LCAP) will be 65% of all app creations within the new five years.

But what does this mean for identity verification, AML/KYC compliance and fraud prevention?

Acuant is pleased to introduce the first no code solution in the market Acuant®GO to address the most important questions when it comes transacting with trust:

  • Is this a real person?
  • Are they who they claim to be?
  • Can I do business with this person?
  • Should I do business with this person?


What Exactly Are No Code Solutions?

When you build on a no code platform, you are building with code, you simply don’t have to do any coding. No code platforms have pre-built drag and drop elements that have been coded for reuse and scale. Acuant®GO provides you just that- a solution that is simple to implement and can get you up in a running in less than an hour- seriously.

Why Does it Matter?

Acuant®GO is fastest way to get your Identity Verification and KYC/AML solutions up and running. Our user-driven, no code approach gives your team a drag and drop tool for rapidly creating and deploying KYC and Identity Verification forms (unlimited forms with multi-lingual support) without the need for a coder or significant technical resources. This means no lengthy integration to update or get to market.

Who is it For?

Acuant®GO offers 3 ready to GO packages to meet the online onboarding needs of all business sizes, from start-up to enterprise, in any industry. We offer the ability to customize and add on as needed, guiding you through to process. Acuant®GO can fit right into your existing process for an immediate upgrade, or we can help you get started.

This is your solution when time is of the essence, you have limited technical resources and you are looking for minimal ongoing maintenance. Acuant®GO addresses scaling remote transactions quickly and also offers a seamless web to mobile cross-device workflow for identity verification that is required for many transactions today.

Traditionally, low code solutions are limited. But we have designed Acuant®GO to deliver AI-powered, fully automated solutions that are privacy minded. You can keep your branding on forms and ensure that you are getting the information you need, and we have white label options available. We make it easy to ensure you meet your company and regulatory needs while preparing you for tomorrow.

For higher risk use cases, our Ultimate Proof option delivers the best in fraud prevention that is available on the market to address synthetic identities, mules, bots, fraud rings and stolen identities. No matter your level of risk- we have a solution to get you GOing!

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