Automate Your Address Verification With UtilityConnect

Automate Your Address Verification With UtilityConnect

The world is a very different place to what it was last year, never mind 10 years ago. Customers expect instant access to the services they sign up to, and an adoption of automated solutions has made that a reality.

Consequently, businesses have had no choice but to innovate – and quickly – or risk losing market share and reputation to their more digitally nimble competitors.

Going digital

Many of the interactions we once had face-to-face have quickly moved online. Those hoping to sign up to services which require identity verification no longer have the luxury of being able to call into their local branch; the global pandemic has decreased typical human interaction meaning account opening and identity verification now has to be done remotely.

But when online activity increases, so too does the risk of online fraud and fraudsters are continually developing more sophisticated ways to attack businesses and customers.

Traditional forms of verification have no place in a digital-first world. Accepting paper copies of utility bills as a way of verification is time-consuming, open to errors and leaves your business and customers vulnerable to fraud.

The adoption and use of technologically-advanced, automated solutions has become the norm and companies are no longer discussing “if” they should integrate them, but “how”.

UtilityConnect – Address Verification

UtilityConnect is an alternative, consent-based identity solution that automatically verifies your customer’s name and address directly from their online utility account with over 3,500 providers supported worldwide. 

Your customer simply selects their utility provider and enters their account credentials. UtilityConnect then retrieves the customer’s name, account number, billing address and a digital copy of their most recent bill directly from the data source and in real time which means you can rely on up-to-date and accurate name and address verification without the hassle of paper bills for you or your customer. 

The biggest benefit is that this is an automated system. Fully automated technology minimises friction for the customer, and reduces costs for companies by removing or reducing manual review.

It’s time to switch to a digital, automatic and safe way of verifying your customers in real time. Trust your transactions and automate proof of address with UtilityConnect.


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