Guests Prefer Hotels With More Technology

Guests Prefer Hotels With More Technology

In response to what consumers want, hotels are increasing the amount of technology they use throughout their buildings and resorts. Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi, which is the number one amenity that guests want when they book a hotel room.

Some hotels are planning on going way beyond Wi-Fi and are using robots to staff their hotels instead of employees. Henn-na Hotel, which will open in July, plans to staff its front desk with ten life-like robots. The Japanese hotel will only hire two human staff members and will rely on robots to interact with guests.

The robots are programmed to greet guests in several languages, carry bags, and even clean the 72 rooms the hotel will have. The robots can also answer guests’ questions. Although the Henn-na hotel may be suited only to certain guests, most hotels are increasing their budgets to allow for more technology that conveniences their guests.

In California, Aloft Hotel already has robot butlers that can make deliveries to your hotel room. They have an automated call to your room when they arrive, and you can rate their service as well.

Give Your Hotel Guests What They Want

A recent market research study was done by Software Advice that had these results:

  • 60% of survey respondents are more likely to choose a hotel that allows them to check in and open doors with their smartphones.
  • 37% of respondents are at least “moderately likely” to choose a hotel with lobby technology, like kiosks that allow for self-service check-ins.
  • 63% of respondents prefer hotels with tech-enabled lobbies that offer information through interactive touch screens.

These survey findings illustrate that guests prefer to use technology to exchange information. Guests prefer to check-in using quick technology, instead of waiting in long lines to get checked-in by a front desk employee. With self-service kiosks in the front lobby, guests who are in a hurry can get past long lines and go straight up to their rooms in a matter of minutes.

Use Card Scanners For Quick Check-Ins

Even if hotel lobbies don’t have self-service kiosks, front desk employees can use card scanners to quickly verify information and send guests up to their rooms. Out of the people surveyed, 29% said they wanted a faster check-in and check-out process. 24% of respondents said they wanted technology to add convenience to their travels.

No matter what stage of the technological embrace a hotel is at, it’s obvious that consumers want more technological efficiencies in their hotels.

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