Increase Airline Satisfaction With Shorter Lines

Increase Airline Satisfaction With Shorter Lines

People are getting ready to go on vacation, but before they can relax, they have to complete the arduous task of getting through all of the lines at the airport. With long lines for check-ins, security, and boarding, passengers get frustrated the longer they wait. Long wait times can affect a passenger’s perception of an airline, and cause them to choose a different airline for their next flight. According to the

According to the J.D. Power 2015 North America Airline Satisfaction Study, passengers don’t choose flights based on price, but instead based on past experiences with an airline. The study measured performance in seven factors, including ease of boarding and deplaning. The study shows that boarding and deplaning were the third most important factors passengers took into consideration when choosing to fly with an airline. According to

In an article on Forbes, passengers have adapted to high airline fees. Passengers are more likely to choose an airline that made flying easier, even if flights are a little bit more expensive.

Card Scanning Solutions For Quick Verification

With Acuant’s card scanning solution, ticketing agents can quickly verify passenger IDs and allow them to check-in. Acuant’s idScan software, a global identity solution with the flexibility to support virtually any platform, can capture information from driver’s licenses and gov’t IDs from all 50 states and over 90 countries, and all passports. With Acuant’s comprehensive coverage, airline passengers don’t have to worry that their international IDs won’t be recognized. Passengers won’t have to worry about carrying different forms of ID.

The simplicity of Acuant’s ID verifying solutions gives ticketing agents the ability to focus entirely on their passengers’ needs. Instead of fumbling with documents while a passenger asks questions, ticketing agents can easily scan IDs to verify identities, and focus their attention on their passengers. When airlines can make sure that all of their passengers’ needs are met before boarding their flights, they can ensure that their customers will be satisfied with their entire flying experience.

TSA agents at airports can also benefit from Acuant’s card scanning technology. With Acuant’s technology, TSA agents can scan IDs and easily see if they are fake or expired. The Acuant SnapShell range of hardware has advanced camera-based technology that takes high-quality images instantly. Acuant’s scanners take seconds to read the data on ID cards, which will help TSA agents get passengers through security checkpoints quickly.

Although SnapShell’s image capturing is instant, the scanners do not sacrifice accuracy. Acuant uses cutting edge pattern detection to ensure the accuracy of all data, so TSA agents won’t have to worry about missing critical information. Acuant’s ID scanners do not require any maintenance because they do not have any moving parts. TSA agents won’t have to worry about their scanning devices breaking and creating a long line of disgruntled customers. Customers will be more satisfied with their airlines when they know that they’ll go through security quickly.

By reducing lines at the airport, airlines can increase their customer satisfaction.According to the study, customers who experience a shorter wait time rated the customer satisfaction as 751 out of 1000 points while customers who had to wait gave airlines a 711 rating. With Acuant’s technology, airlines can reduce wait time all throughout the airport, and give their customers a great traveling experience.


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