Mobile App Use For Healthcare On The Rise

Healthcare professionals are using the latest technologies, and adopting the clinical use of mobile apps. According to a study conducted by GreatCall, a mobile health technology company, there are over 97,000 mobile apps on the market related to health and fitness. The mobile health app industry is expected to grow, and by 2017, the total mobile health market revenue will reach $26 billion. There have been 6 million downloads of mobile healthcare apps that serve as tools and instruments, and 80% of physicians use healthcare related mobile apps in their practices.

According to Electronic Health Reporter, about 82% of clinicians plan to integrate mobile devices into the practices in the next 12 months. An estimated 62% of doctors use tablets for work, and 50% of them regularly use tablets during their day-to-day practice. In addition to this, 72% of nurses and caregivers use smartphones for patient health related purposes. At-home caregivers especially benefit from mobile apps that let them access the tools and information they need from their patients’ homes.

As doctors and clinicians continue to embrace mobile technology, Acuant’s MedicScan gives caregivers the ability to capture critical health data from insurance cards and patient IDs using a mobile device. The patient data can then be auto-populated into a registration page, or any other application. Acuant’s identity solutions can recognize and scan insurance cards and IDs from all 50 US states, and from over 90 countries.

Electronic Health Reporter also reports that 46% of consumers believe that mobile health apps will help reduce healthcare costs substantially.




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