Online Shopping is Booming & So Is Fraud: Is Your Business Prepared?

Online Shopping is Booming & So Is Fraud: Is Your Business Prepared?

The final months of the year signal the upcoming holiday season and a period of online frenzy. Online activity has been steadily increasing during the pandemic, with online sales expected to reach at least $630 billion in 2020 alone.  With the pandemic increasing the number of online consumers exponentially, businesses across all industries need to evaluate their operations to determine if they have the capability to keep up and keep fraudsters out.

Businesses face a delicate balance. They need to provide seamless web and mobile experiences for their customers while simultaneously ensuring preventative fraud measures are in place and active. With high volumes of transactions, site traffic and promotions, it’s no wonder businesses find it difficult to keep up, especially if they’re depending on the wrong technology. Historically, deploying and adjusting quickly to meet market demand has meant that businesses are forced to choose a basic solution. More advanced solutions traditionally come with long deployment cycles and a hefty cost. Lucky for all, today this is no longer the case.

Acuant®GO no code solutions deliver AI-powered, fully featured Identity Verification and KYC/AML with implementation in as fast as a few hours. There is no compromise on:

    • Speed
        • Fastest go-to-market option without sacrificing functionality or capability
        • Forms are pre-integrated to the Acuant Trusted Identity Platform saving time and effort
        • Quickly upgrade or deploy a new solution regardless of your tech expertise or resources
    • Power
        • Built on top of the proven and highly scalable Acuant Trusted Identity Platform
        • Access our Orchestration Layer for risk-based profiling, our eDNA decision engine and our partner ecosystem for 3rd party data
    • Customization
        • Drag and drop form builder with full custom branding, UX, multilingual support, unlimited forms and more
        • UX optimized data collection with cross-device workflows
        • Dynamic context management for UI and decision layer

Don’t miss out on the holiday surge. Be prepared to handle high volumes and fight fraud while keeping customers happy. Acuant®GO meets all your identity verification and compliance needs without compromising. Just choose your solution, create your form and you are up and running!

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