The safe way to verify new tenants in seconds

The safe way to verify new tenants in seconds

In a recent blog we spoke about why letting agents need to verify new tenants to avoid fraud and financial losses. Here we tell you how it’s done, and why it’s the easiest and quickest method for new tenants, and the safest choice for you and your organisation. 

Letting agents and local authorities can benefit from better checks…

We enable letting agents to avoid risks with new tenants. We offer KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions that can be used by companies that manage property rental, and local authorities managing social housing, to verify new tenants and avoid the chance of fraud. 

Tenants who give false information can incur huge costs and losses for the private and public sector. Our easy-to-use and tenant-friendly tools are the perfect solution.

Tenants can verify themselves in seconds, using the solutions below. They can either do this online themselves (from anywhere), or they can go to a letting agent office and be verified there, via a staff computer etc. 


The fastest identity verification in the world. Created by Acuant’s data architects. Tenants simply verify themselves using their social media account when they sign-up with an agent. 

  • Using mobile, tablet or desktop a tenant clicks to verify themselves via Facebook
  • All historical data in the account is analysed and cross-referenced instantly using AI 
  • If the account is genuine, passes all checks, and matches details, the user is verified

This data can then be cross-referenced against ID document details (and photo if required) using iDocufy. 


ID verification. Tenants take a photo of their national ID (drivers licence, passport etc). Our software recognises 6,000+ global IDs, instantly checks authenticity, and captures details.

  • Using their smartphone a tenant takes a photo of their ID (e.g. any passport worldwide)
  • iDocufy software instantly recognises the document format and checks that it’s authentic
  • Personal data is read (name, address, DOB) and cross-referenced against ProfileiD etc. 


We can also offer BioMatch to support iDocufy, which is best-in-class facial recognition. A tenant takes a selfie (or video) of their face, and the image is biometrically matched against the photo on their government-issued ID to prove it belongs to them. 

This level of security protects against the rental of high-value property, which can be at risk of “house hijacking” where fraudsters using fake documents and names, attempt to sell a property that doesn’t belong to them, and use the landlords identity in order to do so.  

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Our KYC solutions, and AML solutions (PEPs & Sanctions checks, dark web checks, email and mobile validate checks) are used in over 177 countries worldwide. They offer an automated, customer-friendly, and cost-effective way for our clients to verify identity, and avoid fraud. 


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