Reducing The Risk of Underage Gambling

The UK gambling landscape is constantly evolving with the addition of new forms of gaming and ways to access them. But there are areas where regulation is lagging behind the development of the industry and worryingly, these represent a gateway...


The Benefits and Challenges with Age Verification Online

It is estimated that 2.14 billion people now buy products or services online, 27.43% of the global population. Technological advancement has ensured growing numbers of businesses realise the necessity of, not just being online, but providing a first-class digital experience....


Are You Doing Enough for Responsible Gaming?

Responsible gambling measures have improved significantly in recent years. Gambling operators have played a massive part in improving player protection through increased awareness and better responsible gaming tools, but could they be doing more? (more…)


The Cannabis Industry is Growing and So Are the Fines: Learn How You Can Upgrade & Safeguard Your Business with Identity Verification

The cannabis industry as a whole, for medical and recreational marijuana, is growing substantially; retail sales are expected to reach at least $15 billion USD by the end of 2020 in the United States alone and could reach over $37...


Are online gaming firms losing younger players at the first hurdle?

In recent years, online gaming has become a booming industry - having held steady and even undergone growth in the face of overall market decline. In 2019 however, two things changed; in May the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) implemented strict...


Vaping and Cannabis Industries are Booming: Learn how to Easily Comply with Age Verification for Sales of Regulated Goods Online, Mobile and On Premise

Mobile commerce, by any measure, is booming. Forrester estimates that sales made via smartphones is expected to reach $209 billion by 2022 and in 2018 accounted for approximately 23% of all online sales. For businesses selling age-restricted products such as...


3 Top Tips for Online Age Verification

With 16.7 million people falling victim to identity fraud in 2017, online verification processes for both age and identity need to be stricter. It was recently reported that a 13-year-old boy spent £80,000 on a gambling website through posing as...


Is there a way to prevent under-age sales of e-cigarettes?

The ‘epidemic surge’ in teenage use of e-cigarettes in the US is seemingly becoming a bigger and bigger issue, with the FDA giving businesses just 60 days to prove that they are not selling devices and juices to minors. (more…)


ID and Age Verification Solutions for the Gaming Industry

Identity verification is an integral part of the gaming industry. Preventing fraud and minors from gambling are priorities and the way to do this changes as the landscape of gaming changes. There are many formats of gaming today: casinos, online gaming...


Why Vape Shops Need to Embrace Modern ID Verification

The FDA ruled earlier this year that electronic smoking devices including vape pens and e-cigarettes fall under the category of “tobacco products,” which makes them unavailable to anyone who is under 18. This means vape shops and other retailers now...

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