Mitigating Risk & Establishing Trust with Identity Verification

Trust is an imperative aspect of any relationship, especially when building a loyal customer base, and is even harder when conducting transactions and establishing relationships online. The recent influx of remote and online transactions has meant more fraud—there were over...


Acuant and Airside Partner to Bring Safe Sharing of Verified Digital Identities

We have all experienced a growing reliance on remote services and digital technology that was sped up by the pandemic. From electronic payments to mobile orders for groceries to telehealth visits, our comfort level with taking care of business from...


Why Identity Fraud is Getting Harder to Catch

The shift to digital was taking place well before COVID-19, but the pandemic, as well as advances in AI and alternative data, have helped accelerate the adoption and use of digital technology.  Organisations that fail to adapt risk being overtaken...


How Automated Solutions Spot Fake Documents

An increased use of digital technology has had a massive impact on the way we live our daily lives, but it’s also had an impact on how exposed our identities can be to fraudsters. In this shifting landscape, organisations need...


Know Your Guest: The Importance of Travel Risk Management & ISO 31030

The travel and tourism industry has long been one of the largest industries in the world. According to the UNWTO*, in 2019, Europe alone saw 744 million international tourists. Though it came to an almost standstill as a result of...


Creating a Winning Identity Verification Experience for Operators

In the gaming industry, creating a smooth onboarding process which is both robust and efficient is no mean feat, especially with increasingly strict KYC & AML laws. But, there are ways you can employ smarter methods of identity verification to...


The Future of Identity in Gaming

The gaming landscape has changed dramatically over the past 12 months with more traditional players having to opt for online services. Moving further into the digital space means gaming and gambling is now done in real-time. However, the identity verification...


Which is the Most Secure Authentication Method for Your Business?

The more efficient your methods of onboarding customers, the faster your business will experience growth, but speed is only one aspect of authentication. To ensure your processes are safe, compliant and only allow ‘good’ customers through, security is paramount. But...


Why No Code Tech Is A Game-Changer For Identity Proofing In The Era Of Digital Transformation

Glenn Larson is the Vice President of Engineering at Acuant and a member of the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives. Read his article for the Forbes Technology Council below, or find the original...


The Difference Between Fakes, Forgeries and Counterfeits

Whether a document is a fake, forgery or counterfeit, none of them should be used to verify a customer’s identity. Here, we will explore the difference between the terms and what they mean in practice when referring to falsified identity...


Introducing My Digital ID from Acuant | Debuting in Microsoft Azure AD Verifiable Credentials

Verify Once, Use Everywhere As announced at Ignite, Microsoft is breaking ground to introduce verifiable credentials in Azure Active Directory, encouraging the adoption of a Zero Trust approach in the wake of today’s increasing fraud landscape. Acuant was chosen as...


Infamous Fraudsters Series: Charles Ponzi

The landscape of fraud is constantly evolving as criminals continually develop new ways to attack businesses and customers. Millions of people are affected by fraud every year and it is estimated that in 2019, criminals made $4.2 trillion from fraudulent...

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