If you are new to Acuant, please browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions about the SDK trial and demo app, including best practices for image capture.
If you are an existing customer or partner looking for help with an Acuant software product or scanner, please visit the Support Portal and create a ticket.

What types of documents are supported?

Acuant has the industry’s largest, continuously updated ID Document Library with over 6,000 Global Documents. Our intelligent data capture and authentication software solutions work with identity documents from over 190 countries and all 50 US states. We support government issued IDs including driver’s licenses, state IDs, national IDs, military IDs, voter cards, resident cards, visas, passports, border crossing cards, Government: PIV, CAC, TWI; medical & auto insurance cards and credit cards.

How can I deploy the solutions?

Acuant offers integration via Mobile SDKs for iOS & Android for all products. We also offer the option of a Web Services integration via our API.

How can I test? Do you have a sandbox/ development environment?

Please sign up for our free SDK trial here. You will be provided with development credentials valid for 30 days or 100 free transactions. You will also have access to our documentation and code samples.

Where can I find your technical documentation?

You can find documentation on Acuant’s SDKs on GitHub.

Do you have an API?

Yes, you can find documentation here.

What are the requirements for image quality?

Use a minimum 5-megapixel camera to capture images for AcuFill and 8-megapixel camera for AssureID. The image should cover 80% of the capture screen.

What are the best practices for image capture?

  1. Use a minimum 5-megapixel camera to capture images for AcuFill and 8-megapixel camera for AssureID
  2. Choose a solid colored background and ensure there is a contrast between ID and the background color
  3. Use a steady surface: either place the document on a flat surface or the palm of your hand (as opposed to holding the ID between your fingers)
  4. Ensure that there is good lighting and that you do not see glares or shadows on your screen or the document
  5. Hold the device close enough to the document so that it fills the whole screen
  6. Make sure all the edges of the ID are visible and no edge is getting cut off
  7. Make sure image is well focused and covers 80% of the capture screen (not blurry and no glare, shadows, or holographic reflections on the image)
  8. Keep a steady hand with your device

What information is extracted from a document using AcuFill?

AcuFill extracts all major data fields from the document including First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, DOB, & Expiration Date to eliminate errors and auto-populate data fields. AcuFill also returns all images captured as well as cropped headshots and signature images.

What languages are supported for OCR extraction?

All Latin-based languages, Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Thai, & Vietnamese.

How does AssureID authenticate a document?

AssureID’s patented technology extracts biometric and alphanumeric data contained in an identity document to authenticate it by applying 50+ forensic document-specific tests.

Does AssureID contact a database?

No, AssureID is a forensic check of a document, to authenticate it as real or fraudulent, however we do offer additional services to connect to databases. Please contact us to discuss these options.

Do you offer verification and watchlist checks in addition to authentication?

Yes, please contact a sales representative for more information about these options.

Do you offer liveness detection?

Yes, we perform liveness detection as part of our FRM (Facial Recognition & Matching) to prevent fraudsters from using static images.

What is the pricing?

Please contact us here.

I am having technical issues or need support with my integration?

Please visit our support site (https://support.acuant.com) for technical assistance. You can submit a support ticket for direct assistance from our solutions engineers.

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