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Real Time Intelligent Data Capture & Auto-Fill Software

Acuant IDscan® saves time, increases revenue and impresses customers. IDscan works with a mobile device or TWAIN compatible desktop scanner to obtain images of any government issued identity document with our world class image capture technology. Through the automation of intelligent image capture and data auto-fill, you can streamline and modernize workflows. No more manual entry, photocopying, or endless paperwork.

Identity card information is processed securely in the cloud without storing any data or images on the local device, and accurately auto-populates into your application (CRM, EMR, Database, etc.) in seconds!

Acuant MedicScan® provides the same seamless workflow for Healthcare environments that transact with identity documents and medical insurance cards. Auto-fill data and images directly into Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Patient Management Systems (PMS) populating your desired fields. Accurate data from the start reduces claim rejections, while streamlined patient intake allows for more focus on the patient, building trust and loyalty.

Obtain Accurate Data in Seconds

How It Works - Step 1 - Acuant ID verification
World class patented image capture with auto select feature to classify document type & region
How It Works - Step 2 - Acuant identity verification
Accurate data population in seconds all in the same seamless process
  • Scan front & back of ID using mobile device, desktop scanner, kiosk, etc.
  • Acuant MedicScan allows for capture of Medical Insurance Cards
  • Images & data are processed instantly & securely in the cloud
  • Accurate information populates your application within seconds
  • Ability to integrate with Acuant AssureID™ & Acuant FaceID for seamless multi-factor authentication

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Eliminate manual errors with the best ID verification Software
Eliminate manual errors
Image processing expertise with cutting-edge pattern detection results in highest accuracy
Impress Customers with User-friendly identity verification
Impress Customers
User-friendly, modern workflow that is smarter & faster for better service
Save time and money with automated ID verification
Save time & money
Automated & streamlined workflows increase operational efficiency & productivity

Acuant IDscan Use Cases

  • Account Opening
  • Customer Onboarding
  • New Patient Registration with MedicScan®
  • Mobile Application Forms
  • CRM & Credential Management/Marketing
  • Loan Origination
  • Human Capital Management

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