Build Trust & Improve Customer Onboarding with Automated KYC

Research has confirmed that not only do humans base a significant amount of their short and long-term judgments on their first impressions, but they form those judgments very quickly. In fact, a series of experiments by psychologists from Princeton University found that traits such as trustworthiness were decided on in the first 1/10th of a second. If there’s one thing companies in all industries know—particularly banks and FIs—it’s the power of trust. Trust in their product or service, in the security of customer data and in a superior experience.

Download the eBook – Build Trust & Improve Customer Onboarding with Automated KYC to learn about the following:

•Little Patience in a Digital-First World

•The Criteria for Establishing Trust

•What is KYC?

•The Downsides of Manual Review

•Why Automation is Imperative


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