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Meet Global Regulations with Instant Age & Identity Verification Checks

Streamline Verification, Increase Engagement & Reduce Costs


Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform makes onboarding, player registration, age and identity verification, fraud prevention and other customer workflows easy and cost effective. Gaming customers want instant access to the services they require, but one in three gambling accounts are created fraudulently. With Acuant, your customers can be verified quickly and efficiently.


Our industry leading solutions alleviate some of the most common problems facing the gaming industry while improving the onboarding and fraud prevention processes of businesses all over the world. 


Acuant enables you to maintain regulatory compliance with minimal friction, improve conversion rates, stay ahead of the competition and beat cybercriminals. 


Enable a new generation of gamers 

Relying on traditional data to verify identity doesn’t just alienate the modern digital consumer, it can also lead to huge demographics being unable to access the services they want. Onboard 40% more millennials using automated document verification. 


Scale fast when it matters most 

Gaming customers infamously have some of the lowest tolerance for cumbersome ID checks and a poor onboarding experience can see up to 45% of players drop off. Our solutions scale instantly. 


Optimize your onboarding 

If your process takes days or even weeks to arrive at a decision as to whether a customer is being approved or disapproved, they’re very likely to go to a competitor where they can be up and running in minutes. Acuant is proven to onboard 38% more gaming customers. 



  • Identity Fraud/Theft
  • Heavily Regulated
  • Training & Security
  • Long Wait Times
  • Underage Transactions
  • Complicated & Costly Workflows
  • False Negatives/Positives


  • Meet Global Gambling Regulations
  • Perform Checks Based on Your Risk Based Approach
  • Save Time by Eliminating Manual Reviews
  • Instantly Prevent Fraud & Deter Criminal Transactions
  • Easily Meet Regulations: KYC, AML, PASPA & GDPR
  • Support Reasonable Gaming with Red Flag Alerts



Age Restricted Venues/Casinos & Online Gaming & Apps


Transactional Monitoring to Meet Regulatory Compliance


eDNA Monitoring to Securely Build & Analyze Digital IDs


High Spending VIP Player Monitoring


Loyalty & Rewards Program Enrollment

Gaming Partners

Our partnership with Acuant will help streamline the onboarding process for casino loyalty programs, which will benefit both players and casino owners. Through this partnership, casinos will be able to create a more efficient and cost effective loyalty enrollment process for their players."

Mark Bryant
President & CEO, Micro Gaming Technologies

MGT is a leading software development company in the casino industry


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